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The Cluster System

The warm, friendly atmosphere that characterizes residential life at Phillips Academy results from the school's innovative cluster system. Grouped by geographic location, clusters create small "neighborhoods" that help students build friendships and form the kind of bonds that last a lifetime.

Students often form study groups within their cluster, dine together, and play games or watch movies together on weekends. Students invariably come to think of their cluster as "the best" and develop a pride and camaraderie that carries onto the athletic fields, into the classrooms, and across the entire Andover community.

Within the clusters, student residences vary from small houses serving 4-16 students to large dorms housing 26-40 students. Except for 9th grade dorms, most of the dorms serve a mix of students from different grades. That mix encourages unity among classes and gives younger students an opportunity to benefit from the experience of their older peers. And because PA embraces a diverse student body, residential life fosters an exchange of global perspectives, providing a cultural exploration that goes far beyond what they can learn from a classroom or a book.

For many students, residential life is one of the most valuable aspects of their time at Andover. And whether it's planning a cluster pancake breakfast, participating in an impromptu game of wiffle ball, or competing with friends in intramural sports, the experiences students collect during their years in the dorms create memories that stay with them forever.