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Student Support

When seniors look back at their time at Phillips Academy, they often remark upon the profound personal transformation they underwent during their first year on campus. For many new students, those early days are both exciting and frightening. They worry about making new friends, keeping up with the workload, and coping with the experience of living away from home.

From the first day students arrive on campus to the deafening cheers of the Blue Key Spirit Group, the Andover community works together to help new students feel at home. Grounded by a network of support—both personal and academic—students develop an empowering sense of confidence, independence, and resourcefulness that are hallmarks of an Andover education.

In addition to the many informal ways that faculty and fellow students support one another, the following is a list of more formal support services available to students:

  • Academic Skills Center (ASC) - The Academic Skills Center (ASC) offers tutoring and time management assistance for students handling new-found responsibilities and challenges. Students of all levels are encouraged to visit the center and find ways to maximize their potential and achieve academic goals.
  • Community & Multicultural Development (CAMD) - Because Andover values diversity, there are several programs and groups on campus to support and embrace students from all backgrounds. The CAMD office hosts guest lecturers, sponsors workshops, and holds celebrations such as Black Arts Weekend and the Asian Arts Festival to highlight the rich cultures of a global PA.
  • Health and Wellness- Ensuring the emotional well-being of students is paramount to the PA experience. In addition to the role played by house counselors and day student advisors, Phillips Academy also offers students access to the The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center.
  • Spiritual and Religious Life - Providing support for students’ religious and spiritual life is another high priority at Andover. Formal religious observances are offered through Cochran Chapel, and more relaxed spiritual opportunities are available through participation in student clubs such as Andover Christian Fellowship, Hindu Student Union, and Andover Interfaith Council. However students choose to celebrate their faith, they’re never alone at Andover.