Vivien Valenzuela Mallick

“So many of you wrote about cooking and baking in your applications. Reading your files made me hungry! Congrats and welcome!”

Director of Admission Operations

Vivien Valenzuela Mallick grew up in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, and joined the admission team in 1999 after graduating from Tufts University with a B.A. in English. "My favorite part of the job is selection," she says. "I especially enjoy reading the applicants' essays and figuring out how each student would not only benefit from the Phillips Academy experience, but also contribute to the school community in different and exciting ways." She is the administrator for the Andover admission office’s Facebook fanpage and the @AndoverAdmissions Instagram account. You can also follow Vivien on Twitter.

Mallick lives on campus with her husband (who works for PA's Office of Information Technology) and their two daughters. The Mallick family enjoys cooking traditional Filipino food, attending Guster concerts, and cheering on Boston sports teams. In addition to her responsibilities in the admission office, she is a house counselor and advisor in Bancroft House, a 10th-12th grade girls' dorm, and an assistant coach for the girls' JV2 lacrosse team.

Have questions about the admission process? Email Vivien.
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