Sandra Lopez-Morales ’97

Director of Psychological Services, Wellness Educator

Sandra Lopez-Morales is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sandra was a new upper at Phillips Academy and graduated in 1997. Following her high school graduation, Sandra returned to Texas to continue to study psychology, history, and ethnic studies at The University of Texas at Austin where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (2001), Master of Arts (2005), and Doctorate (2008). Sandra moved back to Massachusetts to continue her training at Harvard University in their pre-doctoral internship at Boston Children’s Hospital and post-doctoral training at McLean Hospital. She has worked as a Licensed Psychologist at the McLean Adolescent Residential Treatment program and at Worcester Academy. In 2012 Sandra returned to Phillips Academy as a psychological counselor and to teach in the Psychology department. She is an advisor, teacher, and consultant throughout campus. Some of her professional interests include identity development, adjustment, and transitions. Sandra is a sports enthusiast and an avid supporter of Andover Athletics. She lives on campus with her husband and son.

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