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Midori Ishizuka ’11

Andover is a place where you are constantly learning, and I mean that in every sense of the word, in every environment, and in every facet of life here. When I walk into the history offices I'm learning from my colleagues about a new book examining ancient Chinese social hierarchy or how different Supreme Court Justices are arguing constitutionality in the lastest case. When I walk into my classroom I'm learning about what motivates my students, what they care about and their passions, and the new way that they've interpreted a primary source document that is so unique I had never thought of it before. When I'm in the dorm or with my advisory, I'm learning about my students' family traditions, their favorite snacks, who their best friends are and why, and the new cool way to say something is "cool" although I suspect my even asking is very uncool. When I'm on the court with my athletes, I'm learning about perseverance, determination, compassion, and what it feels like to win and lose together. I came here because I hoped students would learn from me. And while that hopefully does happen, it's only a fraction of what Andover is really all about.

I am Phillips Academy Andover Class of 2011 and graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a BA in History and Film Studies, and then most recently graduated from Harvard Extension School with an MA in History, which I earned while teaching, house counseling, and coaching full-time!
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