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Marisela Ramos

Chair and Instructor; LGBTQ+ Adult Coordinator

After a fifteen-year career as a professor and scholar of Latin American and U.S. history, Dr. Marisela Ramos chose Phillips Academy as her professional and personal home in fall of 2014. In 2020 she began her tenure as Andover's first female chair of the department of History and Social Science. Arriving at Andover felt like a coming home of sorts. The daughter of immigrant parents and the first generation to attend high school and college, Dr. Ramos credits involvement with two of Andover's innovative DEI programs for much of her achievements in education. A Better Chance (ABC) provided financial support needed to make the journey from East Los Angeles to attend Northfield Mount Hermon, and the Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) provided support for success in graduate school and the teaching profession. She continues involvement with both programs, including serving as a mentor of current IRT associates.

In and outside the classroom, in addition to her courses in U.S. and Latin American history, Dr. Ramos teaches Andover's introductory course in Gender Studies and has served as faculty advisor of CAMD and Brace student scholars, multiple Martin Luther King Jr. Day student-led workshop leaders, and the student board of BOSS Feminist Magazine. Her own work in expanding and deepening Andover's DEI programs include her roles as the inaugural LGBTQ+ Adult Coordinator, co-leader of the Learning in the World program to Ecuador, instructor for the Summer Gender Institute, and as a Tang Fellow working on a project titled, “The Rainbow at PA.” Recently, Dr. Ramos served on the campus Equity and Inclusion committee and as an advisory member for the campus climate survey.

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