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Jane (Jiang) Lu

Finding My “Cello”

In his commencement speech at University of Chicago 2003, Richard Thaler remarked a story about Yo-Yo Ma, a world-famous cellist, who found cello and his life’s calling at age of 6. I am lucky that I found my “cello”, teaching mathematics. I brought my international education background and multi-disciplinary working experience to share with my students at Andover. After a rigorous training in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, I continued my journey to explore real-world applications of statistics at Epidemiology Data Center of University of Pittsburgh, working as a senior statistician and collaborating with medical doctors around the world to better understand cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. Then I moved on to Harvard University to study mathematics for teaching. I chose to teach math at Andover to inspire keen youngsters to see the beauty and sense the power of math. Andover offers me the opportunity, space, time, and flexibility to be creative and original when I craft my pedagogy. At Andover, I aim to build a student-centered, inquiry-driven, and problem-based math classroom. I am a great believer that everyone can learn math and see the beauty through conceptual understanding, visual illustrations, and interdisciplinary applications.

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