Dr. Keith Flaherty ’89, P’23

Charter Trustee

Cambridge, MA

Sean Logan

College Counseling

Dean of College Counseling

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Stefan Kaluzny ’84

Charter Trustee

New York, NY

Linda Carter Griffith

Associate Head of School for Equity, Inclusion, and Wellness

“LCG” connects educational programs and big ideas coming from CAMD, the Brace Center, Community Engagement, wellness, and spiritual life.

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Gary Lee ’74

Charter Trustee

Washington, D.C.

Tammy Snyder Murphy ’83, P’15, ’17, ’19

Charter Trustee

New Jersey

William Tong ’91, P’24

Alumni Trustee

Stamford, CT

Dr. Raynard Kington P’24

Head of School

“Non sibi is an ideal that aligns with the values that I learned growing up, and it resonates with me at a deep level.”

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Eric Zinterhofer ’89, P’18, ’19

Charter Trustee

New York, NY

Thom Lockerby

Office of Academy Resources

Secretary of the Academy

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Raj Mundra

Dean of Studies

"At Andover, we're always striving to know something really well. Traveling reminds you that you can't always do that."

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Fernando Alonso

Assistant Head for Operations and Finance, CFO view full profile falonso@andover.edu

Robert J. Campbell ’66

Charter Trustee

Rockport, ME

Louis G. Elson ’80, P’12, ’15, ’17

Charter Trustee

London, England

Patricia Doykos ’82, P’15

Alumni Trustee

Titusville, NJ

Dan Lasman ’73, P’06

Alumni Trustee

Boston, MA

Tamara Elliott Rogers AA ’70

Charter Trustee

Cambridge, MA

David Corkins ’84

Charter Trustee

Denver, CO

Karen Humphries Sallick ’83, P’14, ’17

Alumni Trustee

Westport, CT

Gil Caffray ’71, P’20

Charter Trustee

Greenwich, CT

Joseph Bae ’90, P’21, ’23

Charter Trustee

New York, NY

Nancy Jeton

Special Assistant to the Head of School

Once served as the Community Development Director for the Town of Andover

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Jenny K. Elliott ’94, P’22

Assistant Head for Residential Life/Dean of Students, History & Social Sciences

“Students do best when they take advantage of Andover's support structures while tapping into their own developing values.”

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Chris Leggett ’78

Alumni Trustee

Duluth, GA

Tracy Sweet

Director of Academy Communications

Director of Academy Communications | Media relations, marketing and communication strategies | 978-749-4313

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Jeff Domina

Dean of Faculty

"In addition to reading, writing, and teaching, I enjoy running, listening to music, and spending time with my family."

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Chris Auguste ’76, P’09, ’12

Charter Trustee

New York, NY

Jim Ventre ’79

Assistant Head of School for Admission and Financial Aid

“Our holistic review aligns your experiences, character, academic achievement, and talent with our community values! You belong at Andover!”

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Stephen Matloff ’91

Alumni Trustee, Alumni Council President

Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Herbster ’90

General Counsel view full profile

Clyfe Beckwith

Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Coach

“Inspiration lurks around every corner on this campus, like chaos theory where one small difference can result in a completely new outcome.”

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Chien Lee ’71

Charter Trustee

Hong Kong

Tristin Batchelder Mannion ’82, P’19

Charter Trustee

Boston, MA

Yichen Zhang ’82, P’18, ’20

Charter Trustee

Hong Kong

Amy Falls ’82, P’19, P’21

Charter Trustee

President, Board of Trustees | New York, NY