Beth Friedman

Entering the summer of 2016 as the new Director of Outreach and Summer Session, with just a few weeks on the ground at Andover to get to know the people and programming, provided a unique lens through which to view the experience of Andover Summer. With five major programs operating on campus serving almost 900 students ranging in age from middle schoolers to mid-career teachers, the enthusiasm and energy were contagious. Years later, I remain just as inspired as ever by the rigorous scholarship and deeply transformative learning experiences I have the privilege of witnessing each summer. Having previously served as a teacher and principal in an urban public school, I was drawn to Andover by the opportunity to leverage the Academy's incredible resources in service of a diverse group of students through Summer Session, (MS)2, Andover Bread Loaf, PALS and the IRT. Fulfilling a crucial part of Phillips Academy’s mission, these programs embody Andover's commitment to act as a private school with a public purpose, and I am grateful each day for the opportunity to work with such passionate, committed educators and students.

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