Senior Tea
January 17, 2020

Delicious tradition

Six things about Senior Tea
by Allyson Irish & Nancy Hitchcock


For nearly 40 years, Phillips Academy has been hosting weekly Senior Teas, a much-anticipated activity for seniors.


Nancy Kashanek ’84 is the Senior Tea hostess, welcoming students, staff, and faculty for a mid-morning snack each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the school year.

There’s great energy here. The kids love it. They say they wait four years to be able to come here.

Nancy Kashanek ’84 Senior Tea Hostess


Barbara Cataudella, P’81, ’83, ’84, GP’19, ’21, may have been the longest-serving Senior Tea Hostess, retiring in 2007 after 23 years. Kashanek recalls attending Senior Tea when Cataudella hosted, using real china cups and enjoying homemade English muffins and other goodies made by Mrs. Cataudella.


Teatime is agenda-free, says Kashanek. “The idea is to refresh and regroup.”


The location for tea has changed through the years. It’s been in Steinbach Lobby, Cooley House, and CAMD. This year the teas are hosted in the Underwood Room.


Though not a teatime per se, Abbot Academy held a daily mid-morning “Tiffin” for students serving juice and crackers or biscuits. In honor of this tradition, Abbot Reunions now include a Reunion Tea each year.

This is somewhere I can do work and catch up before class and hang out with friends. Everyone loves it here for the social aspects and the food.

Alex Fleury ’20

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