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Neighborly Contestations, Japan and Korea

The earliest kingdoms in Korea and Japan lived together under the concept of “friendly neighbors.” Historians have well-documented that religion, culture, and knowledge flowed from China along the Korean corridor to the Japanese ancient states. The history of Japanese imperialism and colonization of Taiwan, Korea and China starting in the 20th century fundamentally transformed this narrative of ancient states’ exchange and flow of culture. Students interested in this contested narrative of history, religion, culture, art and architecture will visit some of the major urban centers of Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima) and South Korea (Seoul, Pusan, Kyungju) and explore just how interconnected these two countries are at the same time that they are fraught with antagonism.


Visit major urban centers in Japan and South Korea to explore how interconnected yet fraught with antagonism these two countries are.

Date: June 2020, two weeks

Program Director: Hijoo Son

Price: $6,680 (12 students)- $7,980 (8 students)

Financial Aid: We are committed to offering need-based financial aid for any Andover student who is selected.