Winter Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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How To Apply

As of 2018-2019, there are some important changes to LITW policies that we hope will provide the opportunity for more students to engage with our LITW programming:

  • Participation: Participation: The one-program policy has been eliminated, allowing students the opportunity to participate in multiple Learning in the World programs. This change applies to both new/incoming students as well as current students who have already participated in LITW programming.
  • Financial Aid: There is no change to the method used to determine financial assistance for faculty-led programming. We remain committed to offering need-based financial aid for any Andover student who is selected. Assistance will be available—on a per-program basis—and will be determined based on the individual program tuition and the level of grant support awarded to students during the Financial Aid application process. Cumulative financial assistance for participation in LITW programs has been set at $9,000 per student, throughout their Andover career. As always, students on financial aid interested in participating in a particular Learning in the World program should reach out to the financial aid office if they have questions about what percentage of their program is covered.
  • Off-Campus Performing Arts (Music and Theatre and Dance programs): These programs will now be categorized as “'Performing in the World' (PITW) programs” and will be considered as separate from LITW programs. PITW programs will not count towards students’ LITW financial aid awards. Students will be chosen by the Music and Theatre & Dance Departments to take part in Performing in the World programs based on auditions or other performance criteria set forth by the department. Financial Assistance for these programs will remain available and will be provided in a manner similar to the method described above, but PITW financial assistance will not impact the $9,000 Financial Aid LITW cap. Music and Theatre & Dance Departments will alternate years between their departments’ programs.
  • Selection: As always, final candidates will be selected by program leaders in consultation with the Dean of Studies, Dean of Students, the Sykes Wellness Center team, and the Financial Aid Office.
  • After the Deadline: Students who apply to a Learning in the World program after the application deadline will be placed on the associated waitlist.

If you have specific questions regarding the selection requirements for any given program, please be in touch with the associated program leader and/or Director of Learning in the World Mark Cutler.

Travel Requests from Student Groups

You must ask the adult advisor to your student group/club to fill out the following form before making travel arrangements if you are a Phillips Academy student who is seeking to:

  • Participate in an event, competition, or other activity that requires travel and at least one overnight
  • Request sponsorship from the school to support this travel
  • Apply for an Abbot Academy Association grant to support the overnight travel