Unrivaled Financial Aid

For every talented student...an opportunity. We want our young people to embrace Andover right from the start.

In 2008, Andover became the only boarding school in the nation to offer need-blind admission—reaffirming our founding constitution’s call to welcome the most promising youth from every quarter. Today, when nearly half of our students rely on financial aid, this guarantee is more essential than ever.

Through our Knowledge & Goodness campaign, we aim to endow 80 percent of our student aid program, an ambitious jump from current levels. We’ll also significantly bolster scholarship support through annual and current-use gifts from across our community. Each of these forward-looking investments will help secure our mission—and ensure that Andover students can always count on life-changing aid.

Campaign Goal: $110.5 Million


of students receive financial aid


average aid grant


of students receive full scholarships


of demonstrated financial aid met


Los Angeles, CA

Describe the moment you first learned of your scholarship.
I’ll never forget it. I was in math class, and my sister texted me a picture of my acceptance letter, which had just arrived in the mail. I was super happy, but I was worried all the way home. I said to her, ‘I can’t believe it. I was just accepted to the best school in the country, but how are we going to pay for it?’ My sister started laughing and, I’ll never forgive her for this, she pulls out another folder with my financial aid package. We looked at each other and had this mental exchange and she smiled. I knew, even before opening it, that Andover had given me the money I needed.

What does financial aid mean to you and your family?
Financial aid was the difference maker—between my attending Andover or not. My mom is a single parent. So if I wanted to attend a boarding school and get the education I wanted, we knew I would have to ask for financial aid. And the thing is, Andover didn’t make me ask. They just gave it to me, and they’ve made my experience unbelievable. It’s that level of understanding, that role of wanting to help me out and to help my family out. That was huge for me. That’s made me feel really special.