Inquiry and Innovation

Andover stands at the nexus of inquiry and innovation. It’s a union made all the more profound by the Tang Institute.

A laboratory and incubator for emerging ideas, the institute promotes new learning paradigms for a digital age and global society. Andover faculty and students and education experts worldwide use the Tang Institute as a forum and a catalyst to place concepts into practice. Early successes include a partnership with Khan Academy to develop calculus problem sets, promising student-faculty research into learning mindsets, and an astronomy web portal dedicated to the discovery of variable stars.

The Knowledge & Goodness campaign will build on these achievements and stimulate new pursuits on campus and around the globe. Our goal: push boundaries and prepare tomorrow’s students for an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Campaign Goal: $25 Million


Tang Institute Faculty Fellows

Select Projects:

Citizen Historians and the Holocaust, Mindful Community, Hybrid Fiction Workshop for Young Women


Tang Institute Fellow Instructor, History and Social Science

How have you partnered with the Tang Institute?
I’m leading a project on the concept of “learning disposition.” We’re investigating how to help young people see mistakes as natural parts of learning rather than impenetrable obstacles to their growth and development. We’ve focused on designing a curriculum that applies the latest research and ndings related to mindset, motivation, practice, and focus. We’ve also begun to create classroom teaching strategies—working with instructors to consider ways that they can maintain the integrity of their discipline-speci c teaching while also cultivating this crucial disposition.

Where do you hope the project will lead?
My hope is that Andover expands its role in the national conversation, building on the formal partnerships and conference presentations we’ve generated so far. Together, with many collaborators on campus, we want to continue to empower students by helping them understand the research around learning. And we wish to continue to unite the education sector in our effort to think critically and creatively about how to support the development of young people. We’ve had tangible markers of success in these areas, and we’re looking to improve our work and broaden our reach with students and adults alike.