An Inclusive Community

We will continue to build an intentionally diverse learning community, giving our students every opportunity to explore it and thrive.

We hope to generate wider discourse and greater understanding—an environment where all students are empowered to contribute. More than ever, we are engaging them on topics of equity, inclusion, citizenship, humanity, and justice.

Throughout our campaign, we will further integrate this dialogue into our curriculum and across our academic and social programming. Under the leadership of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, we will enhance the work of the Brace Center for Gender Studies and the Office of Community and Multicultural Development in both depth and breadth. We will endow key leadership positions across the Academy and raise support to ensure that thought-provoking ideas continue to flourish on campus.

In these ways and more, we will broaden the chorus of voices that will help our students emerge enlightened and eager to join a global conversation.

Campaign Goal: $10 Million

Students hail from


different countries worldwide



different states


faculty participation in Equity and Inclusion learning opportunities

Linda Carter Griffithassistant head of school for equity, inclusion, and wellness

Linda Carter Griffith is breaking new ground in a role that is unique to Andover. She's the link connecting educational programs, cultural celebrations, wellness initiatives, and big ideas coming from CAMD, the Brace Center, Community Engagement and those involved with campus spiritual and religious life.

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“Andover teaches its students the value of empathy and understanding—and how to use this perspective in service of others. It’s part of what makes Andover a remarkable place.”

—Susan Goodwillie Stedman '59