Health and Wellness

We fulfill a moral imperative when we secure the well-being of our students.

The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center affirms this commitment. Funded through lead campaign gifts, the center unites medical and psychological services under one roof—and offers students a state-of-the-art facility that provides everything from acute care and x-rays to counseling and physical therapy.

During Knowledge & Goodness, we will continue to invest in the Sykes Wellness Center’s 24/7 services and wide-reaching programming, including a healthcare speaker series and courses on CPR, self-defense, meditation, and relationships. Building on this success, we will fund a comprehensive, multiyear health curriculum that engages students in an integrated and thoughtful way on all issues of personal and mental health—a trailblazing step among independent schools.

Campaign Goal: $10 Million

The Sykes Wellness Center is open


while school is in session


student clubs partnering with the Sykes Wellness Center on health initiatives


Dean of Students and Residential Life

Why are conversations about health and wellness increasingly important on campus?
While the Academy prides itself on rigor and excellence, we have moved beyond ‘surviving’ Andover and have embraced the goal of thriving. We know that our students’ intellectual lives are wholly impacted by their emotional and physical well-being. And it is our responsibility to equip our students with the skills needed to navigate the challenges—and accompanying stress—to which they are naturally drawn.

How can Andover evolve as a leader in this field?
Andover needs to keep asking questions. Our Director of Wellness Education, Dr. Susan Esty, spent the past year engaging with peer schools, collecting research on adolescent health, and collaborating with colleagues to design our programming. Our Medical Director, Dr. Amy Patel, has hosted two health and wellness summits to help educators exchange best practices. The Tang Institute supports our passionate efforts around positive education, growth mindset, and the science of learning. This multifaceted approach will become even more robust during our campaign and have a direct and positive impact on our students.