An Expanded Worldview

At Andover, we believe every student should have the chance to immerse themselves in new cultural experiences.

By expanding our Learning in the World programs, we hope to achieve exactly that. Currently, there are more than 20 faculty-designed and led programs that span from Mexico to China, delving into topics as diverse as Icelandic music, the American civil rights movement, and education in India. These opportunities prove transformative in every sense of the word—often challenging assumptions, crystallizing beliefs, and inspiring academic and professional journeys.

With Knowledge & Goodness, we will expand this distinctive programming and make it available to every student who wishes to participate. We will sponsor students for week-, semester-, or yearlong study trips and support faculty as they develop the latest and most impactful offerings. In these ways and many more, we will open doors for our students and strengthen Andover’s burgeoning role in the world.

Campaign Goal: $16 Million


Learning in the World programs

Faculty-led programs travel across the globe to destinations such as Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Italy, Morocco, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Students climbing the Andes in Peru as part of the HUACA Project—a Learning in the World program.