Faculty and Academics

Andover’s exceptional instructors are the guarantors of excellence and a cornerstone of the student experience.

More than 200 faculty bring their expertise and compassion to every conversation, every teaching moment—in classrooms and labs, in residence halls and performance halls, on playing fields and beyond. Today, we reaffirm our devotion to our teachers and to our academic enterprise.

We will recruit and retain top instructors by endowing fellows, curators, and coaches across the Academy. We will seek new teaching foundations, faculty innovation funds, and sabbatical support to further encourage thought leadership and intellectual exchange. We will also sponsor new student-faculty partnerships that promote original research and interdisciplinary perspectives. These areas of growth, paired with other distinctive endeavors such as the Tang Institute, will strengthen Andover’s preeminent position in secondary education.

Campaign Goal: $15 Million


student-teacher ratio


courses including 150 electives


Volumes in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library


  Academic journals and texts through 75 electronic databases


In 2015, the OWHL received a generous donation to create and house the first Makerspace on campus. Nicknamed “The Nest,” the Makerspace lives in the basement of the OWHL and is the center for design-thinking, creative construction, and innovation on campus. The space is community-driven and features 3D printers, sewing machines, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, and much more. Fifty different classes use The Nest each year.