Fall Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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Power Skating

To play hockey at the top of your game, a player needs to be a great skater. Developing proper technique and working on drills to master your edges, balance, agility, power and endurance are essential elements in becoming an efficient and faster skater. Drills to develop powerful forward and backward strides, fast stops and explosive starts, sharp turns, and the ability to change direction quickly, will ensure that you improve your game.

These specialized clinics are designed specifically for hockey players with exercises that will improve their edges and teach them how to skate with power.

Players must know how to skate backwards, cross over, and stop. Players may be moved based on skill level and availability.

Very limited spots per clinic! Each clinic is limited to only 8 skaters to focus on a lot of personal instruction.

We are planning a big summer of clinics!

Schedule will be released in the spring.