Guidelines for Faculty Advisors to Student Grant Applicants

Before agreeing to serve as a faculty advisor for a student, or group of students, applying for an Abbot Grant, please review the Abbot Academy website, paying close attention to the Guidelines for Grant Proposers. All faculty advisors are encouraged to check-in with the AAF community liaison, PA faculty member Marcelle Doheny and consider the following questions:

  • Are you available to advise the grant applicants through the application process, the evening presentation to the Abbot Academy Board of Directors and, when funding is approved, for the duration of the project?
  • Are you willing to work with the grant applicants to ensure that their application is complete, clearly written, and includes a well-researched and reasonable budget?
  • Are you a teaching fellow or in a one-year faculty position? If so, the grant project must be completed before you depart Phillips Academy or the grant will not be considered for funding.
  • Do you have a Phillips Academy AMEX card? Faculty advisors make all grant-related purchases. If you do not have an Academy AMEX card, please reach out to Dawn Gallagher in the Comptroller’s Office. Students should not purchase items for their grants. Note: faculty advisors may not sign any contracts. All contracts must be reviewed and approved by Christopher Joel in the Business Office.

    Questions? Please contact Marcelle Doheny, Community Liaison or Belinda Traub, assistant to the Abbot Academy Fund.