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Apply for a Grant

How to Submit a Proposal

To access the Online Application:
Faculty, staff, and students interested in applying for an Abbot Grant should first read the Guidelines for Grant Proposers on this site.

Applications must be submitted online (link below); the application includes:

  1. Applicant Information
  2. General Grant Information
  3. Narrative and Budget

Supplementary material can be emailed to Liz George by the deadline dates: in October for fall proposals and in April for spring proposals. Be sure to check the application for the exact date.

Consider the following before you begin the process:

  • If you are a student you must consult with a faculty sponsor who will oversee the project and budget. The faculty sponsor must sign a proposal signature form.
  • If your proposal involves a speaker, you will be asked to address the following in your proposal:
  1. The Abbot Academy Fund (AAF) and the PA administration request that you consult with Linda Carter Griffith, assistant head of school for equity, inclusion and wellness, before submitting a speaker proposal.
  2. The AAF will look more favorably on a speaker who engages students in activities beyond just the speech. Please detail how speakers will engage students before and/or after the presentation—by going to classes, eating meals, participating in other campus activities, etc.—and how long the speaker will be on campus. Please detail individuals and departments that have indicated an interest in working with your speaker.
  3. Please provide a thorough justification of why you believe your proposed speaker is worthy of his/her fee, especially if it is thousands of dollars; and what steps have been taken to negotiate speaker fees.
  4. The AAF prefers to consider speakers that will be co-funded by academic, administrative, athletic, or extracurricular departments at Andover. Please detail which individuals or entities you have spoken to about funding. These may include your faculty advisor, a coach or house counselor, an academic, athletic, or museum department head; and other entities or individuals such as CAMD, The Brace Center.
  5. Please be sure that you have provided a detailed budget that includes the speaker's fee, travel, and food and lodging for the entire visit from arrival to departure. Also be sure to include any funding commitments that have been secured from other sources.
  • If a proposal requests $10,000 or more, it must be discussed with Nancy Jeton, special assistant to the head of school. Proposers are strongly encouraged to submit a brief summary of their proposal idea and estimated total funds to Nancy at least one week prior to the deadline. A proposal signature form must be submitted.
  • If a proposal requests less than $1,000, an abbreviated application narrative is offered.
  • If your proposal includes a technology component, such as creating an app, acquiring or building equipment, or using PA data, it must be discussed with Dr. Erin McCloskey, associate director of technology. A Proposal Signature Form (hyperlink) must be submitted. Contact Dr. McCloskey at least one week prior to the proposal deadline to schedule a conversation.
  • If your proposal involves overnight student travel, your application must include a signed preliminary travel approval to be considered for funding: proposal signature form. To request approval have your chaperone submit the Phillips Academy Overnight Student Travel Form.
  • If your proposal involves faculty release time or faculty workload implications, it must be approved by Jeff Domina, dean of faculty: proposal signature form.
  • Narrative guidelines are detailed within the online application. Download the Narrative document.
  • Detailed Budget Breakdown: itemize the amount you will be spending on individual salaries, materials, honoraria, and/or equipment. Wherever possible, provide a precise figure instead of an estimate. If you plan to purchase a piece of equipment, find out how much it costs; if you plan to bring a speaker to campus, include fee, travel, and expenses; if salaries are part of your budget, itemize them by individual, showing hourly rate and number of hours.

    Please note that we fund faculty and staff salaries at the same level as the summer school and cannot fund student salaries at all. Do not over-estimate your budget. You must spend funds within the fiscal year for which they are requested. If you receive a grant and do not spend the entire amount, you have tied up funds that could have gone to someone else.
  • You do not need to complete your application in one sitting. The application can be saved as a draft and continued at another time.

Access the application form below. (User name—your PA email address—i.e. Password is your Wizehive password, or sign in as a new user.)