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Meet our Andover Admissions Senior Ambassadors. They can’t wait to meet you and answers any questions you might have about life on campus, classes, athletics, the application process, or anything else on your mind. Read their bios, then submit a question through the form below. Select who you’d like to connect with, and they’ll reach back out to you.

Our Ambassadors

Meet the Big Blue Virtual Tour Guides

Welcome to Andover! My name is Haven O’Sullivan and I am a three year upper boarding student. I am so excited to share with you why Andover is home to me!

Welcome to Andover! My name is Sawyer and I am a rising upper (11th grader). I entered Andover as a new lower (10th grader). This is a place like no other and you will meet so many incredible people. Within my first year of attending Andover, I have made so many great friends, broadened my learning horizons, and learned so much from my teachers, coaches, and advisors. I love Andover and you will too!

Hello and welcome prospective families! My name is Ashley and I am a three-year upper from Naples, Florida. I am excited to introduce Andover and all of its unique qualities and opportunities to you. I hope I can help you get a feel for Andover’s community and spirit!

Hi! Welcome to Andover! My name is Aren Egwuekwe. I'm a rising upper from North Texas. I hope you get to know more about Andover and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Hey everyone! So excited to hear that you guys are considering Andover for your high school experience!

You can often find me attending performances around campus, watching sports games (volleyball is a personal favorite!), or somewhere in the library studying. I am so excited to get to know you, please feel free to reach out with any questions, hope to talk to you soon!

Hello! My name is Adrianna and I am a senior here at Phillips Academy. I am so glad you are interested in Andover and look forward to showing you around our amazing campus as well as share with you all the amazing opportunities we have here.

Warm welcome to Andover! I'm Liz, a two-year senior from Montreal, Canada. I came to school as a new upper last year and haven't looked back since! I hope you will get the opportunity to see why Andover is such a special and amazing place to call home.

We’re excited to show you what the Andover community is all about!

I am so excited to have the pleasure in showing you one of my favorite places in the world. Andover truly has a place for everyone, and I would be delighted in helping find you your place.

Hello! Welcome to Andover! I am Ysabella, an upper from Methuen MA. I play soccer and lacrosse on campus and I also participate in two dance groups on campus. There is something for everyone here and I am so excited for you to be here!

Hi! My name is Marie-Eve and I will be your tour guide. I am a 2 year senior from Saint-Anicet, Quebec, Canada. I am a member of the Girl's Varsity Soccer team, the Girl's Varsity Hockey team, and Varsity Track and Field. I am so excited to show you around Andover's campus and hopefully make you fall in love with it just like I did two years ago when I toured.

Andover is such a welcoming and diverse community, where everyone is sure to meet other students with similar interests, passions, and backgrounds! Students are always supported my students, teachers, coaches, and mentors, and given the resources to reach their full potential within the school and their communities.

Hello! My name is Pema Sherpa and I am a three year upper from NYC! On campus I am a prefect in Nathan Hale and I am one of the managers of the football and basketball team. I also enjoy playing the trombone in Concert Band. In addition I am on the board of multiple clubs/groups on campus like Save there Children Action Network, the BRACE center for gender studies, and Asian Women Empowerment. I hope that you end up loving Andover as much as I do!

Welcome to Andover! My name is Kevin Flores Blackmore, I'm an upper from Mexico City. I am super excited to show you around campus. I came to Andover as a new lower and my favorite spots on campus are Phelps Stadium and the Snyder Center.

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know Andover as a school! It's wonderful that you are a prospective family, and we can't wait to welcome you into the Big Blue community! As students, I know the application process can be nerve wracking at times, but hopefully we can help you learn more about Andover to guide you through it!

Hi! My name is Natalie Chen (she/her) and I'm a four-year senior from Bethesda, Maryland. On campus, I am an editor for The Phillipian, am a Co-Pres of Asian Society, and play tennis. I can't wait to show you all my favorite spots around campus, answer any questions you have, and welcome you to Andover!

Hello and welcome to Andover! My name is Elizabeth and I am a senior. I'm originally from Salt Lake City, UT, and my family moved to Andover, MA a few months after I was accepted to Phillips Academy. On campus, I'm part of the cross-country, track, and tennis teams and I'm a big fan of any chemistry or piano-related activities. I'm so excited to meet you soon and tell you all about this wonderful place!

Welcome to Andover! I'm so excited to show you why Andover is such an amazing place, and I hope you're able to learn more about all the ways you can pursue your specific interests at PA!

GO BIG BLUE! Welcome prospective families and students! I’m sure you are a bit nervous, maybe even scared. Just remember one thing; this is the 'big blue' start. This is the beginning of your journey, your future, you are in control. Amid the frigid winters and piping hot den cookies, the Andover community is eager to help you grow. One of the best classes to take and finish is Creative Writing, SENIOR YEAR. Though there’s a long way to go ’till then, you will learn so much about the teachers here and their love for their work, but mostly you will learn about yourself. You may be unsure of your goals, but let us help you find them. Challenge yourself, ask questions, and turn to your fellow students: never let a question go unanswered.

I'm am thrilled I have the opportunity to meet with your family and introduce to you the place where I call home and the most supportive, enthralling, and rewarding place I've every been. I'll try my best to hit all of your places of interest - including some of my favorite buildings during your time on campus! See you soon.

Welcome and thank you so much for taking an interest in Andover! I am here to help you discover if Andover is the place for you. I hope that by discovering who you are, answering questions, and sharing Andover experiences, you get a glimpse of the Big Blue Spirit and why so many others choose this place as their "home." Thank you for letting us get the opportunity to meet with you and invite you in to our community.

Hi, welcome to Andover! My name is Dagny Bingham and I am from La Grange, IL, which is a suburb outside of Chicago. I was a new lower last year and I have absolutely loved my time at Andover. Andover is such a unique place filled with kids from all different backgrounds, each with their own experiences to share. The classes are challenging but incredibly rewarding, and it's a wonderful community to be a part of. We are all so excited you are interested in joining our community!

Hi! My name is Nicole Lee and I am a four year senior from Hong Kong. On campus, I am captain of the Girls Varsity A Tennis Team, Co-Head of Non Sibi Society, an EBI Senior, and a member of Azure, our all girls acapella group. I am super excited to get to know you and show you around Andover (a place I now consider home)! I hope I can be a useful resource as you begin your journey here and discover more about Andover. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to help.


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