COVID-19 Updates for the Phillips Academy Community

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COVID-19 Update

Important Information Regarding (MS)2 in Summer 2020

Last Updated: 6.19.20

In light of the current public health guidance, we are saddened to report that we will be unable to offer our (MS)2 scholars a residential experience this summer. While this decision has been very difficult to make, we also want the best for our students, and the well-being of each and every one of them is our number one priority.

At the same time, we are committed to providing a summer online experience. We are still planning for this programming and invite you to reach out to us with any questions or ideas about how we can support our shared efforts emailing us at

Helpful Links for Admitted Scholars

Parent Portal - A resource where enrolled (MS)2 scholars and their family members can read announcements, get program updates, confirm contact information, register for classes, and view final grade reports.

PAnet - Phillips Academy’s intranet, PAnet provides access to your Andover email ("My Mail") and online (MS)2 classes (CANVAS). (MS)2 anticipates sending PAnet credentials (username/password) to students on June 19. Although (MS)2 has been communicating with admitted scholars via personal email address, once (MS)2 classes begin teachers will only use Andover email addresses for communications with students. Scholars should check their Andover email regularly.


Below you will find valuable information that reflects responses to essential questions about (MS)2 in summer 2020. We also acknowledge that there remain questions for which we do not have complete answers at this time.

Will the (MS)2 program run this summer?

For the 37 first-year scholars who were accepted and our returning 75 (MS)2 scholars, there will be a virtual program in summer 2020. Our (MS)2 scholars will not travel to Phillips Academy for an on campus, residential experience; the (MS)2 program will run remotely.

What are the (MS)2 program’s start and end dates?

New student orientation for first year scholars will take place on Friday, June 26 from 4:00-5:30 pm. Orientation Week for all scholars will begin on Monday, June 29 (specific date/times will be forthcoming). (MS)2 online classes will begin on Monday, July 6 and end on Saturday, August 1, 2020. We hope that this shortened time will allow students to focus on our program and also allow for the freedom of pursuing other academic opportunities or spend time with family in August.

Will I be able to travel to Andover for (MS)2 in summer 2020?

No, Phillips Academy has postponed all on campus summer programs and events.

What will the (MS)2 2020 program look like?

We are finalizing the summer 2020 online program but anticipate it will involve a combination of virtual math and science classes for first and second year scholars, and a college counseling course and identity workshops for our third year scholars. In addition, all scholars will participate in weekly All School Meetings (tentatively Mondays at 1 pm ET), community building events (Wednesdays), and Speaker Series (Fridays).

May I defer my participation in (MS)2 until next summer?

No, however, we recognize the coronavirus pandemic may have created barriers to remote participation. If you are unable to connect remotely, please reach out to us so that we can help you.

(MS)2 is a three consecutive summer commitment. Whether you are able to take advantage of our online learning opportunities this summer or not, incoming first-year scholars will return to (MS)2 in summer 2021 as rising second-year scholars. Second-year scholars will return in summer 2021 as rising third-year scholar. Rising third-years scholars will complete the (MS)2 program this summer.

Will newly admitted (MS)2 scholars have to reapply for summer 2021?

No, newly admitted, first-year scholars (also known as the (MS)2 Class of 2022) will not have to reapply for summer 2021.

Those (MS)2 scholars who experience poor academic performance during the regular academic year may be asked to reapply from one summer to the next summer.

Will there be an (MS)2 Graduation for the rising third-year scholars?

We know, for the (MS)2 Class of 2020, that your third summer at (MS)2 has not materialized in the way anyone would have hoped. You have our commitment that we will find a way to recognize your program completion. A virtual graduation ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, August 1 at 4 pm ET.

Will the (MS)2 Class of 2020 be able to come back to Andover next summer?

At this time, we do not know if the (MS)2 Class of 2020 will be able to return to Andover in summer 2021. Many unknown factors will determine whether this is a possibility (e.g., dorm availability, funding, etc.).

What (MS)2 classes will I take in summer 2020?

All scholars will be engaging in two learning opportunities this summer. First and second year students will take one math course and one science course. Third year students will take a college counseling course and an identity workshop course. All students - first, second and third year scholars - are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week on (MS)2 specific coursework and tasks..

Will (MS)2 courses run synchronously, asynchronously, or both?

Because (MS)2 scholars reside in different time zones, the (MS)2 online program will run both synchronously and asynchronously. For example, we will hold a weekly All School Meeting on Mondays via ZOOM. The ASM will be recorded so that those who cannot participate "live" can watch at another time. Once online classes begin, teachers may schedule one or two synchronous "meetings" per week based on their students' availability.

What are the (MS)2 technical requirements?

Please complete this survey to help us better understand your current learning environment and needs. We are still developing our online program, however, we anticipate (MS)2 scholars will need access to the internet.

What if I do not have access to technology or the internet?

Please contact us at (978) 749-4402 or if you do not have access to the technology needed (e.g., computer, internet access, etc.) to participate in the (MS)2 online program.

How will my (MS)2 performance be assessed?

Classes will be on a pass/fail basis. We do expect that you will complete the classwork as assigned by the instructor.

How will the (MS)2 2020 online program impact what (MS)2 classes I take next summer?

We anticipate returning to our regular (MS)2 curriculum in summer 2021, where course placement is based on your current math courses and on the result of your online math assessment. (MS)2 course offerings may change from summer to summer based on program evaluation, student needs, new pedagogy, etc.

If I already completed the (MS)2 enrollment forms, will I be able to change my elective STEM course preference for summer 2021?

Yes, (MS)2 scholars will complete new enrollment forms next summer in which you will indicate your preferences from the 2021 elective classes and afternoon activities.

Will (MS)2 scholars earn credit for online courses?

As with our residential program, course credits for (MS)2 online courses are determined by a scholar’s home high school. Neither (MS)2 nor Phillips Academy grant course credit.

Will there be (MS)2 Cultural Sharing?

The third-year Cultural Sharing leaders have begun to explore possibilities for a virtual performance of some kind, which is tentatively scheduled for Wed., July 22 at 7:00 pm ET. We will share a link to the virtual performance if and when it becomes available.

Will I still have an (MS)2 little/big sibling?

Yes, we will be pairing each new first year scholar with a big sibling.

Will I still have access to my Andover email?

Yes, all (MS)2 scholars will have an Andover email to access the online program.

Does (MS)2 offer a stipend or other financial aid?

(MS)2 is a scholarship program. When operating as a residential program, (MS)2 includes your room and board, textbooks, other course materials as well as the scholar’s airfare to and from the program each summer. It does not include a stipend or other financial aid.