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Cochran Chapel - The Worship, Ministries, and Events

At the heart of the Chapel’s mission is the desire to provide meaningful and transformative worship experiences for people of all faiths. Towards that end, the Chapel regularly hosts a variety of liturgies. These services are held in Cochran Chapel, on the main floor of the sanctuary, or in Kemper Chapel, a smaller and more intimate worship space on the lower level of the building. There are also a number of smaller meditation spaces available that are particularly adaptable to Hindu and/or Muslim prayer gatherings.

The Chapel is also used, on occasion, for specialty liturgies and sacramental services. The availability of the Chapel for baptisms, confirmations, the sacrament of reconciliation, weddings, and/or memorial services is determined on a case-by-case basis. Those wishing to inquiry about these opportunities should contact the Chapel directly at 978.749.4130.

Outside of the opportunity for worship and prayer, the Chapel also sponsors a number of student faith-based clubs. These groups are advised and directed by the various chaplains on staff. These clubs meet weekly for discussion and fellowship, in addition to participating in service opportunities offered throughout the year. Information specific to each of these clubs can be found under the appropriate tab of each faith tradition, listed on the left-hand side of this page. The Chapel also organizes a weekly discussion group comprised of both believers and non-believers interested in religion and its impact on how the world functions. This group, “Culture, Politics, and Religion: Giving Life to Discussion” (CPR), hosts lively conversation every Tuesday night over dinner, musing on how religion may or may not affect our political climate, public policy decisions, controversies regarding our contemporary culture wars, etc. All participants are welcome, regardless of their own religious or secular viewpoint. In addition, the Chapel hosts a plethora of events open to the Andover community and, at times, to the wider public. For a complete list of both upcoming events and religious holidays, please click on the “Chapel Calendar (2017-18)” tab.

Lastly, the Chapel has begun our own Interfaith library collection. With seed money from the Abbot Academy Association, this collection was begun at the end of the 2008-09 academic year. Subsequent funding has now increased the collection to over 180 titles. These items are now cross-listed within the OWHL system and the public domain of the NOBLE library system. As such, the entire collection is now available to public. A complete list of texts now available can be found under the “Interfaith Library” link.