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Parents FAQ

Q: If parents have questions or concerns, how should they communicate with the school?

A: Each student will be assigned a student advisor who will meet regularly with the student, watch over the academic and social progress of the student, and serve as an adult counselor in times of need. For general concerns about a student's progress, the advisor is usually the proper person to call. For more immediate concerns and questions, however, the cluster dean probably has the best perspective. If, for instance, a student needs to be excused from classes for a funeral, a wedding or a family emergency, the dean will be able to notify the teachers, coaches, etc. In many cases the cluster dean will know the students quite well, and a parent should feel free to call him or her with any concern. During the day, advisors and deans may be hard to reach. Therefore, parents should feel free to call the Dean of Students and Residential Life office 978-749-4175 with any questions or concerns or in case of an emergency.

Q: Is there a student/parent network?

A: Yes, the Parents of Students of Phillips Academy (PSPA) meets once a month when PA is in session. All parents are invited to become members of the PSPA and are welcome at the monthly meetings. For further information, please call the PSPA voice-mail box at 978-749-4576 or e-mail at Or visit the PSPA Website at

Q: How can parents learn about transportation to and from campus?

A: Car pooling, whenever possible, is certainly desirable; PSPA has worked to draw students and their parents together for a variety of purposes including forming car pools. For additional information please call the PSPA voice-mail box at 978-749-4576 or e-mail at In fair weather bicycling is a good means of transportation for students living within a few miles of the school, and there are many locations on campus where students can lock their bicycles.

Q: May day students drive to school?

A: Licensed day students may drive to school with parental permission. Any vehicle(s) driven to campus must display a blue student registration sticker issued by Public Safety. Students must park their cars, motorcycles or mopeds only in special parking areas (not on adjacent public streets) designated by the dean of students and residential life and Public Safety, e.g., the parking lot behind the athletic complex, between the tennis courts and the football field. Students may not use these parked vehicles again until 3 p.m., when they may relocate them closer to the center of campus. Day-student drivers may obtain a parking registration sticker at the Public Safety Department, located in Phillips Hall, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, or by calling Public Safety at 978-749-4444 during the business day for an appointment. Any day student who parks a motor vehicle on campus not displaying a proper PA registration sticker will be subject to ticketing and disciplinary action. Also, day students who, at any time, transport boarding students who do not have verifiable "car permission" from a faculty member will be subject to disciplinary action.

Q: How can I reach a student or deliver a message during the day?

A: Each student is assigned a private voice mailbox. To leave a routine message for your student, dial 978-749-4597 and enter the mailbox number. In an emergency, you should always feel free to call the school and ask to be connected with the department in which your child is taking a class, and the class will be interrupted. (Keeping his or her class schedule handy will save time and eliminate the need to call the registrar.) Alternatively, you may ask for your child's student advisor, who could physically track down your student.

Q: When does the school expect day students to go home at the end of the day?

A: Day students are, in effect, subject to the same rules as boarders. They are welcome to stay on campus until sign-in on nights before class days (10 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, 9:30 p.m. Sunday and Thursday, and 11:30 p.m. on Saturdays). When boarders check into their dorms, day students should be doing the same at their own homes. On evenings before class days, underclass boarders must be in "study areas" by 8 p.m. For day students, study areas include the library, the language lab and the art building. Senior day students enjoy the same freedom of movement on the campus as boarding seniors until sign-in. On Saturday nights, day students should leave campus by the 11:30 p.m. sign-in time. Students being picked up by parents should arrange a clear, safe pickup point. It is important that parents meeting day students at dorms arrive promptly at sign-in; day students should ask house counselors in advance for permission to wait inside.

Q: Who should be notified when a day student cannot come to school because of illness?

A: Parents, not students, should call the health center at 978-749-4455 before 8:30 a.m.

Q: What happens when it snows?

A: It is rare for PA to cancel classes because of snow. However, day students should never risk driving on unsafe roads to attend classes during or after a storm. A parent should call the student's cluster dean to excuse his or her son or daughter in case of snow. Day students should call their voice mailboxes for information in snow situations.

Q: May day students spend overnights on campus?

A: It is important for parents to understand that there are no extra beds in dormitory rooms. However, on occasion it is possible for a day student to spend a weekend night on campus, but only after a house counselor has given permission well in advance. A house counselor may refuse permission for a variety of reasons, and day student parents should be understanding. It is school policy not to allow overnight visitors on nights before class days, except in very rare cases. These special exceptions must be granted by the cluster dean.