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Fee Waivers

Andover administers fee waivers for required application procedures.

Fees for the Application and Standardized Test

An application fee of $40 ($70 for international students) is required with the Preliminary Application (Form 1). Additionally, all applicants to Grade 9, 10 or 11 must register for either the SSAT or ISEE standardized tests ($120 for SSAT, $105 for ISEE). Registration for these tests is handled through the respective testing agencies. Please note: Late registration charges, which are substantial, are not covered by the fee waiver. It is important to refer to the student guides for the SSAT or ISEE to determine the test dates, times and sites in your area and to encourage the student to meet the stated deadlines.

A fee waiver should be requested from the Phillips Academy Admission office ( if the family believes payment of these fees will create a financial hardship. To request a fee waiver, a third party, who is familiar with the family’s financial situation (a guidance counselor, clergyman, principal, etc.) should write to the Admission Office on behalf of the family to explain the hardship. The Admission Office will contact the family if further information is necessary.

Fees for the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid

Applicants for financial aid must check that they are applying for financial aid on the admission application, part I. Next, complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and follow the SSS process by filing an online application at after October 24.  The cost of applying online is $48.  SSS has established fee waiver guidelines according to family income and will not charge a fee for qualified filers. Families outside the range of SSS by NAIS's "free filing status" who cannot afford the fee may request a fee waiver from Andover.

For further information or to request a PFS fee waiver please contact:

Heidi Jamieson
Director of Financial Aid

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