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Information for Parents

As a parent of a child who is considering attending a boarding school, you likely have some unanswered questions or concerns that have yet to be resolved. Although we may not be able to address each of your specific questions about this educational opportunity, we understand that it can be valuable for prospective parents to hear from current parents about their children’s experiences at Andover.

To help you learn more about Andover from a parent’s perspective, we want to share with you some of the results of a recent survey of Andover parents with children enrolled in the Academy.

The following summarizes some of the results of the parent survey on general characteristics of the school:

  • 97% of parents rated the quality of the academic program “very good” or “excellent”
  • 97% of parents rated the variety of courses “very good” or “excellent”
  • 95% of parents rated the quality of the faculty “very good” or “excellent”
  • 94% of parents rated the diversity among the students “very good” or “excellent”
  • 93% of parents rated the size of school “very good” or “excellent”

The most important statements parents made in our survey are that 94% of parents would choose Andover again, and 95% would recommend the school to another family.

Parents as Part of the Andover Community

Once their children have enrolled at Andover, parents often ask how they can be involved in the community. Parents keep in touch easily with their child via email or phone. Every student has a PANet account and internet access from his/her room. Parents are also welcome to visit the campus at any time. With the exception of the first weekend of the year, Andover does not have any closed weekend where students are restricted from leaving campus, though students generally choose to stay on campus. We do not have many long weekends but we do have lengthy vacations so that students can go home and be with their families for an extended period of time. Many students and parents attest to stronger bonds because they appreciate their time together more.

We have a Parent’s Weekend every October and an enthusiastic parent’s association—Parents of Students of Phillips Academy. We also have a new interactive parent portal on our website. The PAnet Parent Portal gives current parents access to a wide variety of useful information and resources. Within this portal, one can find links to photo galleries, the online newsroom, the student daily bulletin, various campus support services, streaming videos of our weekly All-School Meetings, and exam schedules, among other features. One also can find personalized information about his/her child’s daily schedule, course list, and primary faculty contacts.

In 2013, Phillips Academy's math department partnered with Khan Academy, to expand the online school's AP calculus offerings.

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