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The William B. Clift Music Library

Located in the music building, Graves Hall, the William B. Clift Music Library has an extensive circulating collection of over 7000 CDs and 1500 LPs available for students, faculty, and staff. Among the music reference materials held by the library are the complete critical editions of Bach, Haydn, and Mozart, as well as the New Grove Dictionary of Music and a variety of music periodicals. The facility is open for listening, quiet study, and assignments related to the music curriculum as well as other departments.

There are five listening stations available with CD players/recorders, cassette decks and turntables. The music lab consists of fourteen iMac workstations with music-related software, headphones and MIDI keyboards. With Sibelius music notation software students may write and listen to their own compositions, and ear training software is available for developing music skills. The circulation desk holds course reserve materials and interactive CDroms that support the curriculum in Music.

Acoustic guitars, metronomes, cassette decks and portable CD players may be borrowed for use in the Graves Hall practice rooms.

PA played a role in developing such educational innovations as the AP program, the SSAT, the School Year Abroad program, and Outward Bound.

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