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Abbot Academy Association

Abbot front gatesOne of the first educational institutions in New England to be founded for girls and women alone, Abbot had by far the longest corporate life of any. It opened its doors to seventy students on May 6, 1829, and endured until those same doors and all the material goods inside them were entrusted to Phillips Academy on June 28, 1973.

For over 40 years, the Abbot Academy Association has celebrated its mission to "preserve the spirit, dignity and high standard of the Abbot Academy tradition and to provide an additional means of carrying on the educational aims of Abbot Academy at Phillips Academy through support of students, faculty, staff and properties at Phillips Academy."

In the past, many of Andover's fine programs - both large and small - were seeded with Abbot Academy Association monies. For more information contact Abbey Siegfried, Faculty Liaison to the Abbot Academy Association,, or Liz George, Assistant to the Abbot Academy Association. 

The Girls of Abbot

A film written, produced and directed by Charles Stuart '62.

Phillips Academy's first class, in 1778, enrolled 13 boys.

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