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COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

As we resume on-campus programming this fall, our commitment to health and safety remains paramount. We will continue to align campus wellness protocols according to the latest public health data and expert guidance. Among these protocols, like many schools and colleges, we are requiring that all eligible students and employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Our campus testing protocols are streamlined this year, therefore, dashboard data will be reported in a different manner. If you have questions regarding campus health and wellness, please email

January 12, 2022 Update

This is the first update of the calendar year, and there is a lot of information so please read closely. We are in a new phase of the pandemic, and many guidelines have changed at the federal and local levels, resulting in a change in our campus protocols.

Risk zone determination: We are moving to a more granular action plan for the week as we need to shift more frequently in these early weeks to keep the community safe. We will continue to use a combination of factors to determine campus movement and activities.

COVID testing: Supply chain issues, shipping delays, and processing delays significantly impacted the testing during our first week back on campus. Testing that typically takes 1-2 days to receive results took over a week, and we had to change our testing strategy to obtain data to feel confident in our decision to return to in-person programming this week. We were able to test boarding students with a rapid antigen test 3 times, and day students with a rapid antigen test once before returning to in-person classes after an arrival quarantine. We have received 2-3 rounds of PCR test results on most students from the time period January 3-9 (students who tested positive for COVID should not test with a PCR for 90 days unless new symptoms develop).

Future testing will be a combination of rapid antigen and PCR testing. Each test is valuable in complementary ways. Our data shows that the PCR test detected some cases of COVID-19 a few days earlier than the rapid antigen test. With our current protocols including strict masking indoors (with few exceptions such as in one’s room or when performing personal hygiene), we have not seen campus spread at this time beyond roommates sharing a room. We will continue to monitor closely.

Current PA Campus/Community Data: Campus data only reflects student testing in this update.

Public health guiding principles: Campus, town, county, state data.

  • 202 students have tested positive for COVID-19 since leaving campus for Winter Break on December 17.
    • 130 students have tested positive off-campus between December 17 and January 12.
    • 72 students have tested positive on campus between January 3 and January 12 (Please note that some students tested positive on more than one test)
  • Campus testing positivity rate past 7 days = 2.51%
  • Number of new positive test results from off-campus testing past 7 days = 11
  • The town of Andover: 104.8 daily cases per 100k
  • Essex County: 352.7 daily cases per 100k
  • Massachusetts COVID-19 risk level is “severe”: 353.1 daily cases per 100k, 23.5% positivity rate
  • COVID-19 vaccination update:  
    • PA students: 99.2% have received 1+ dose(s), 51.8% have received a booster.
    • Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 92.1% have received 1+ dose(s), 75.2% fully vaccinated.

Since December 29, 2021, 35 adults have self-reported testing positive for COVID-19.

Test results: Please note that some students tested positive on more than one test.

  • Monday, January 3 - 8 positive of 659 tested (1.21% positivity)
  • Tuesday, January 4 - 31 positive of 1028 tested (3.02% positivity)
  • Thursday, January 6 - 33 positive of 946 tested (3.48% positivity)
  • Sunday, January 9 - 46 positive of 2067 tested (2.22% positivity)

We will test ALL students on:

  • THURSDAY, JANUARY 13 – PCR results typically return in 24-48 hours

COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters:

  • Boosters are now approved for anyone age 12 years and older who is at least 5 months past dose 2 of Pfizer or Moderna, or at least 2 months past dose 1 of J&J.
  • If you are eligible for a booster, you can make an appointment at a local pharmacy or an upcoming vaccine clinic on campus (separate communication for any campus clinics).
  • Boosters are strongly recommended for those who are eligible and due. Andover will be requiring a booster dose in the near future.
    • While people might still get COVID after being vaccinated and boosted, the risk of severe disease is markedly reduced.
    • Updated guidelines from the CDC now differentiate risk and subsequent quarantine for close contacts on the basis of booster status. A close contact who has received their COVID booster does not need to quarantine.
    • Andover has adopted these guidelines, and will likely be granting off campus permissions based on booster status.

We have held 3 booster clinics on campus since December. Our next booster clinic will be Friday, January 14, 2-5 p.m. Please schedule an appointment in Medicat.

Additional COVID-19 Tracking Resources