Spring Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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Spring Term Q&A

We are eager to welcome all students to campus for Spring Term 2021. And we are pleased to share that as many classes as possible will be held in person with safeguards in place.

Below you will find information outlining key dates and details about campus life, academics, athletics, and health and safety. This information and Q/A section will continue to be updated as our plans unfold. The Q/A is dedicated to answering as many questions as possible from families.

Please email springterm2021@andover.edu with your questions. We will monitor this email box during regular business and answers that will benefit the entire community will be added to this page. (As always, if you have a more pressing concern or question regarding your child, please contact their advisor point person.)

Timing and Dates

  • We will welcome boarding students in every grade to campus on Tuesday, March 23. Day students will register on Wednesday, March 31, after all students have finished their quarantine. Students will eventually sign up for a registration time through Medicat, as their first stop will be a COVID test with the Sykes Wellness Center team.
  • Spring Term classes will begin on Wednesday, March 24. In-person classes will begin Monday, April 5.
  • Students will remain on campus until the end of the spring term (June 3 for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders; June 6 for the Class of 2021).

Health and Safety

  • All students will have a 7-to-10-day quarantine at the start of the term. Boarding students will end quarantine after their third consecutive negative test. Day students will have access to campus after they quarantine at home and receive a negative test on March 31.
  • Boarding students may bring one family member with them to registration but the family member may not enter their student's dorm.
  • We will conduct on-campus testing twice a week for students, faculty, and staff.
  • All students will need to abide by the Non Sibi Safety Pledge to remain on campus.
  • All required health forms must be submitted in order to sign up for a registration/testing time.
  • Every Friday, medical director Dr. Amy Patel will share a campus health update. We will also continue to post the latest testing data on our dashboard.
  • Boarding students must remain on campus for the duration of the term. Very few requests to leave campus will be granted by the student’s class dean and the Sykes medical team.

Teaching and Learning

  • Most faculty will teach in person during the spring term.
  • While as many classes as possible will be in person, there will remain a need for hybrid (hyflex) and remote teaching and learning to accommodate all students and faculty.
  • Course requests for the spring term will take place with conversations between students and advisors through February 12.
  • Faculty are reviewing the daily and weekly schedule to be used during spring term. Since faculty are expected to teach in person during the spring, they will vote on whether to use the fall term schedule as a model for spring or an adjusted version by February 21.
  • The grading scale will remain the same for the midterm (P, LP, F) and final spring term grades (6, 5, 4, P, 1)
  • Uppers and seniors will continue to work with the College Counseling Office and their counselors in person or remotely during the spring term.
  • Textbooks will be mailed to the location where the student will be residing at the beginning of spring term. We will check and collect mailing addresses for students who will be off campus through the student survey.

Campus Life

  • The Paresky Commons team will deliver meals to dormitories during the quarantine, and then our entire community will pick up meals in Paresky. And we are happy to share that contactless food deliveries from local food establishments will be allowed.
  • We are exploring a variety of spaces on campus where students can eat together, however, eating indoors remains a safety concern. It will be essential that everyone honor expectations for eating only in designated areas.
  • The Snyder Center, the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, Samuel Phillips Hall, and George Washington Hall will serve as open spaces where students can engage; we will also spend as much time as possible socializing outdoors.
  • Tents will re-emerge as soon as the weather allows. Per fire regulations in the town of Andover, we are unable to have space heaters in tents, and the structures are not strong enough to withstand heavy snow.
  • We will offer student activities on the weekends, following local and state guidance for safe gatherings. We will continue offering remote options so that students who are unable to join us on campus may connect with peers.
  • Knowing that the vaccine rollout will likely extend into the summer, we do not anticipate allowing visitors to campus this spring.
  • Boarding students will receive a housing survey by the end of February.
  • We are designing options and solutions to ensure that all students will be able to study and eat indoors. And we are seeking safe options for day students and boarding students to study and socialize indoors.


  • We will offer the full range of on-campus athletic options that are typically offered during spring term including dance, Outdoor Pursuits, Intramural, Instructional, and L.I.F.E. sports.
  • Spring sport tryouts—including all non-interscholastic sports—will commence immediately following the spring break quarantine period. Andover will participate in interscholastic competition.
  • As was the case in the fall term, students will be masked during all athletic activities except for our swimmers.
  • To keep our campus community as safe and healthy as possible and minimize risk of exposure, any student participating in club sports, including outside dance classes/programs, must enroll as remote students. Please note: this is a change from our fall term policy
  • We're fielding a number of questions about athletics. Please see our spring 2021 athletics update page for more information.

Weekly Schedule

Throughout the year we have responded to feedback and have made adjustments to the schedule to benefit student learning. Since most classes this spring will be in-person, we have heard some concerns about evening classes. The faculty has been in discussion about this topic, and last week made some changes that benefit both on-campus and remote students.

The most significant change moves evening classes (periods 7, 8 & 9) into the day. This will condense the academic day and free up the evening for most faculty and students. We believe this will lead to a healthier daily rhythm, better learning, and flexibility where needed.

The evening time bands will offer flexibility for remote students on the west coast and internationally. Remote West Coast students may take up to six courses within the evening times as well as 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (ET). Remote international students could take up to six courses within the evening times as well as 8:15 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. (ET). While we will do our best to have students in these time bands, there may be exceptions. We will work with individual students, teachers and academic departments to determine final placements.

Many elements of the spring term schedule will remain the same as the winter term. Periods 1-6 will meet at approximately the same time. Each class will continue to meet twice a week for 55 minutes, and there will be a weekly third homework assignment. There will be an All-School Meeting, EBI period, and multiple advising and conference periods during the week.

The course selection process is done, and our scheduling officer, Ken Shows, is now building class rosters for each course. Although we will aim to maintain continuity between students and their teachers in year-long courses, this will be especially challenging for spring term with so much change. Similar to the start of the winter term, students will know their class schedule probably a day or two prior to the start of the spring term. A few things to note:

  • There will be the usual add/drop period at the start of the term.
  • Some teachers will receive accommodations and exceptions to teaching in-person and will teach remotely. Students may have some remote classes this term.
  • Due to distancing protocols, many class rosters will have a total number of students that exceeds the classroom capacity (i.e. 14 students in a classroom that can safely have 12 students). In these cases, there will probably be a rotation of students who may be on campus but will be remote for some class periods.
  • We will continue to maintain high standards of safety. This includes masking, safe distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting areas within the classroom at the start and end of each period.

Questions from families and students

We will continue to expand and update this list.


Will there will be additional study areas available this spring? Will class schedules be back to somewhat “normal” (i.e. morning and afternoon) for day students?

We are focused on trying to open up more spaces where students can be together to study and collaborate and socialize, both day and boarding. This is absolutely our goal and intention.

Depending on what is decided for the daily/weekly schedule, is it possible for evening classes to be 30 minutes earlier, as they have been in the winter term?

We hear you! The challenge with shifting earlier is the time pressure it has on music and theater arts programming, which happens in between athletics and evening classes. We are trying to find ways to protect the time needed for all of these programs.

Will students who choose in-person enrollment status for spring term be able to choose which classes they attend in person and which they attend remotely?

Students will be required to attend classes in person if they have chosen in-person enrollment status. We are working on developing a process for students seeking an exemption due to extenuating circumstances.

When will the school be able to tell which classes will be in person? Can students change plan after that time?

Once the student’s schedule is finalized, which will probably be just before the start of the spring term (similar to the timing prior to the start of the winter term), the school will be able to share which teachers are in-person and remote. Students will have an add/drop period during which they can request certain types of course changes. The Dean of Studies Office will not accept a request to change a class in a multi-section course (ex. ENG200) based on teacher or in-person preference. The office will also review schedules for students on campus and try to minimize the overall number of remote classes they may have.

Could you provide us with the details of Graves Hall operation in spring term?

We are excited to welcome our student musicians back to campus! As in Fall Term, music ensembles (both choral and instrumental) will occur in-person during the designated Music block on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Chamber music ensembles will be scheduled by group and will include in-person, hybrid and remote opportunities. Graves Hall will also be open for student use. Exact hours (during the week and potentially limited use on weekends) are still TBD, pending staff schedules. As in the Fall and Winter Terms, students will sign up for times in advance and be able to reserve rooms to take their lessons, practice and reserve larger rooms designated for recording and small group practice. While the majority of private lessons will be offered remotely, some will be offered in-person. We will post more information as it becomes available. Just as with Club Sports, any student participating in in-person off-campus music groups and programs must enroll as a remote student. (Please note: this is a change from our fall term policy.)

What percentage of teachers will be receiving accommodations and exceptions to in-person teaching?

Evaluations of accommodation and exemption requests are still in progress.

The schedule says 3rd HW by 11 p.m. What does that mean?

All year each class has the option of having a 3rd homework assignment due at a certain time during the week. The schedule indicated which periods could have an assignment due that evening. Most other assignments are due at the start of the class.

Do class time zone restrictions apply to West Coast students who will be boarders?


Will study hours be implemented?

Yes, we will continue to have study hours for our 9th to 11th grade students.

What is the reason for keeping the class time 55 minutes?

We are staying with 55 minutes because faculty have planned their year in this way. With all of the other commitments we have on our schedule, we believe a continued rhythm of meeting twice a week with 3 homework assignments will serve our students well.

Residential Life

How is the dorm selection and placement process organized?

We will send out a housing survey once we know which students will be coming back to campus. We will likely ask students to indicate a single/double preference and identify several peers with whom they would like to live.

Will students who have been on campus for a portion of this year remain in the same dorm/pods if they return in the spring? I'm sure this depends on who is going to be on campus, but is the plan to keep students in the same dorm, or will everyone be reconfigured for housing?

We will likely need to re-do housing assignments this spring (a challenge and inconvenience for everyone involved—but necessary with numbers shifting each term). We will likely try to keep kids in pods with peers with whom they have connected.

Will personal belongings/furnishings be limited as they were in the fall? Will laundry service be provided again, along with fans, bedding, etc.?

Yes—we believe so. We still need to be prepared to change course and have kids head home on short notice. Yes, we are planning to provide E and R Laundry service at this point. We are still planning to provide fans and bedding.

In terms of socializing, what will this look like? Will we be restricted to our dorm, or will there be more freedom to interact with others on campus?

We are working on creating more indoor spaces where students (across dorms and both boarders and day students) can study and socialize. We also are looking to provide more indoor eating spaces. We will likely be strict about where students can eat, as these settings create the most vulnerability.

When can we proceed with shipment of belongings shipment of belongings to the dorm?

The mail room will start accepting packages on March 15 for spring. Please be mindful of weight restrictions and our efforts to minimize the number of belongings that students are maintaining in the dorm rooms. Thank you for your cooperation.

Will triples be allowed or will rooms be just doubles or singles?

At this time, we are still compiling information as to how many students will be boarders this spring; that number will guide our housing process.

What is the rationale for not allowing kids to do their own laundry in their dorms?

The laundry rooms in most dormitories are not in well-ventilated spacious areas. In an effort to keep our boarders as safe as possible, we elected to provide E&R laundry services for all students. We will consider opening up laundry room use to supplement the weekly laundry service in the spring term.

I would like to clarify that we can still change our mind later and send our student to campus.

We are asking families to offer a more formal commitment of their student’s enrollment plans by Friday, February 12. We will plan our housing process with these numbers, and after this date, we cannot guarantee that we will have a bed for a boarding student who indicates a change to boarding status.

Why aren’t boarders allowed to go down to the town of Andover?

At this point, we are limiting visitors to campus and restricting student movement off campus while the COVID-19 positivity rates are high in the town and surrounding areas. We will increase opportunities for students to engage with each other, day students and boarding students, indoors and outside, on campus. We will continue to revisit this each week during the term.

While the students are in quarantine, will they be getting fresh air and if so, how often?

Yes, in the fall and winter term we have had daily “fresh air fun” for students. This included walks on campus and time at the track. In addition, house counseling teams brought students outside for fresh air a couple of times a day.

Will students be permitted to train individually during quarantine?

During quarantine, we will offer students opportunities to get outside and be active. We will not allow students to train on their own, as we feel that students need to be supervised during arrival quarantine.


Will dining options still be pre-packaged for pick-up once quarantine ends? Or will students have more options for their meals than in the fall?

During quarantine, meals will be delivered to dorms. Post-quarantine, we will pick up meals in Paresky, which allows for more options. We are also trying to create more indoor eating options for boarders and day students. We are happy to report that we plan to allow for contactless food delivery in the spring from local restaurants/food establishments.

I know Andover will allow non-contact deliveries from local restaurants this spring. Are there any rules or limitations? Does this include grocery delivery?

As long as delivery is contactless, then it is okay. In addition, please be in touch with our nutritionist, Mrs. Kip, to share your specific needs.

Is contactless food delivery allowed during the 7-10 day quarantine?

We are not allowing contactless delivery during the quarantine period. But after quarantine, you could drop off food for the dorm. You would need to arrange the contactless drop-off through the house counselor (not the student), as they would need to be very careful about ingredients/allergens.

Will there be a chance to have more than 3 meals a day during quarantine?

Any student with dietary needs or concerns should be in touch with nutritionists Aggie Kip and Ellie Perry, as their goal is to continue providing students with a variety of tasty and nutritious meals in the spring term. During the quarantine period, the Paresky Dining team creates dorm pantries for dorm residents. Additionally, house counselors have dorm munches, and students are able to order contactless food deliveries after the arrival quarantine.

Day Students

What are the limitations for day students? Are there certain hours when they cannot be on campus? Are there restricted areas on campus?

Day students can be on campus from 7 a.m. to final sign-in each day. Day students will not be allowed into dormitories.

May a day student opt-in as a boarder in spring term?

We will keep you posted if options for boarding open up for the spring. Right now, we are anticipating a much larger boarding population for the spring term, making this request challenging to accommodate. We will let you know if that shifts.

Is it expected or required for immediate family members of day students to get tested for COVID?


We live within walking/biking distance of school. Are there bike racks throughout campus? Is it normal practice for students to lock their bikes to bike racks?

There are bike racks on campus, and we encourage students to lock their bikes.

Can you explain why boarders are unable to host visitors or go off campus while day students seemingly have far more freedom with their movement on and off campus?

We do have expectations for day student comportment to keep our entire community safe. In addition, when on campus in community spaces, day students remain masked and distanced at all times. Boarding students, after arrival quarantine, are able to engage in their own dormitories without masks and physical distancing (unless they are in the presence of campus adults).

Will day students be assigned study carrels this spring? Will have a home “base” on campus?

Day students will be able to reserve a carrel seat on a daily basis online. Once reserved, they would have that space for the entire day. There are about 175 available seats in the library.

We saw about 10% of the spaces we set up (including those in Sam Phil 380) actually be used on a daily basis in the Fall (about 30/40 kids). So the thinking here is there will be plenty of seats on the days Day students need/want them.

We plan to offer all day students a place to store their belongings while they are on campus and a range of options for studying. We heard from many day students and their families that they were looking for more opportunities and locations for studying and socializing with peers, both day and boarding.

Health & Safety

What happens if my child becomes infected with the virus? This is particularly important for families who must travel a significant distance, including international families who may also face additional travel restrictions.

The requirement is still to identify someone who can travel to campus to retrieve the student within 24 hours (or within a reasonable extension for families delayed by travel/distance); this includes our international families. Options may include:

  • Parent or designated adult drives to campus and drives the student home.
  • Parent or designated adult flies to campus with a place to stay within driving distance. They will stay with the student off-campus for the isolation period.
  • For families who are unable to come to campus within 24 hours or who cannot designate another adult to serve in this capacity, we ask that their child access our Spring Term program remotely.

We see that masks will be required for all sports except swimming. Our child would like to continue doing crew, but we are concerned with the amount of physical exertion required coupled with limited access to oxygen. Medical professionals don’t recommend that athletes wear masks while performing for this reason. Do you anticipate revisiting this policy, especially since there will be extensive testing?

The CDC and medical professionals continue to recommend masking as one of the more important practices to minimize the spread of COVID-19 from person to person. There are few exceptions, and any exemption request can be directed to and reviewed by the medical director at sykeswellness@andover.edu. Sports that involve getting wet do not require masking during the time in/on the water, but do require maximizing other risk mitigating practices such as distancing, partitions, de-densification, hand sanitizing. We are regularly revising policies as additional data and public health guidance evolves.

On COVID tests, will you be offering deep swabs, shallow swabs, or saliva tests?

We will continue to test regularly with saliva and anterior nasal swab specimens. We have not used deep nasopharyngeal swabbing with our COVID-19 testing as our testing has shown at least equivalent sensitivity and specificity with our specimen collection techniques.

What is the policy regarding flu shots this year, taking into account that, by late March, flu season will have ended?

Massachusetts required schools to have all students vaccinated against seasonal influenza. We asked all students to comply with this regulation. Those who were unable to do so by the deadline should still receive their seasonal influenza vaccine if returning in the spring, as we may continue to see the flu through April in Andover. Please upload proof of vaccination to the Medicat electronic health portal.

If your child can show they have antibodies, can they skip the quarantine? What if your child can prove they were vaccinated?

At this time, antibody testing is not an acceptable alternative to quarantine. We are following guidance from the CDC on vaccination and quarantine. Those who have submitted proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will not need to quarantine if exposed or potentially exposed to someone with COVID-19 (as long as they remain free of symptoms, are fully vaccinated and it has been at least 2 weeks from receiving the final dose, and are within 3 months following receipts of the last dose in the series). Vaccinated individuals should still continue to follow all risk-mitigating practices such as masking, distancing, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and maintaining good hand hygiene.

Will the school provide a certificate to state the student tested Covid negative at departure, as they will need proof to board a flight to return home?

We will continue to offer surveillance testing on campus. We can provide proof of a negative test, but this may not meet the needs of each airline and/or country’s entry requirements. You should check with your airline and country and/or state travel requirements. If your child needs a specific test within a specific timeframe prior to returning home, please complete the survey with all details so we can help arrange for these requirements to be met.

Since March 2020, what is the school's record for campus infection?

Infection rates have been very low. Dr. Amy Patel, our medical director, has been sending out weekly public health updates that address the number of on-campus cases. Please refer to those emails or to the testing dashboard.

In the case of testing positive, the website states that parents/designated adults must pick up students within 24 hours. Where will students be living during this time frame?

Students who are ill will be cared for in Sykes Wellness Center until their parent, guardian, or designated adult arrives.

Who would be a designated adult for international students? Will the school help us find a person, or do we have to contact people individually until someone agrees?

If a parent or guardian cannot arrive in Andover within 24 hours, then parents must designate someone who can. This can be any friend or family member who resides in the U.S. You can also reach out to the families of your child’s friends. (Faculty members are unable to take on this role since they are teaching, advising, coaching, house counseling, etc.)

Will there be medical personnel looking after infected students, and/or will students be sent to a local hospital for care? What if their condition gets worse?

Students will be cared for in the Sykes Wellness Center by our medical team. If the student’s condition worsens before parents or a designated adult arrives, the parent/guardian will be notified, and arrangements made to transport the child to the local hospital.

Do you recommend that I stay in the U.S. after registration just in case my child acquires COVID en route to the U.S.?

Because students are bringing fewer items to campus and we are unable to host gatherings for families during registration, many students are traveling to campus independently. We recognize that not all parents/guardians will be able to stay in the U.S. after drop off. A number of parents/guardians who reside far from campus have elected to have students travel independently to campus. They remain prepared to come to campus if their student tests positive upon arrival or at a later date (thereby cutting down on the number of trips). We do require that parents/guardians can either come to campus within 24 hours or designate another adult to do so in the event their student tests positive for COVID-19.

The website mentions that Andover will try to work through solutions if parents are unable to take COVID-positive students back home. What do these solutions look like?

The medical team will care for students in the Sykes Wellness Center, assuming we have not reached bed capacity in this facility, until a family member or trusted adult arrives to campus. We have identified a couple of local hotels that would allow longer stays for quarantine and/or isolation for students and their family member/trusted adult. Food delivery would not be part of the hotel offering, but there are many contactless delivery options locally. When someone tests positive for COVID-19, the isolation period typically lasts 10 days from the date of the positive test or from the start of symptoms (whichever comes first). This assumes improvement in symptoms and resolution of fever, if present. After isolation, students, may return to the dorm without another quarantine.

What are other international families doing in case their children get COVID while at school? Do they have guardians nearby who can pick up the child? Can we ask host families to help?

Every family’s situation is different. Some have friends or family members living in the United States who can care for their child, but not everyone is comfortable taking on this responsibility. Others can get here within 24 hours. These families may choose to quarantine in a hotel if they are unable to return home in a timely manner. Please understand that Sykes Wellness Center is not equipped to care long term for students who test positive for COVID, nor do we have space to quarantine students for 14 days.

Many countries require a fit to fly certificate indicating that incoming travelers are COVID-free. If an international student has COVID, they will have to stay in the U.S. until they recover.

Since the child with be with their parent or another designate adult after the initial 24 hours, this individual would monitor the child’s recovery. After the 14 days, the child could be tested for COVID and, if negative, would be able to return home.

Once the student recovers, what is the process before they can return to campus?

Positive cases will be tracked, and, after the 14 day quarantine, the student would need to be cleared by the school’s contact tracing team and Dr. Amy Patel before returning to campus.


Will Andover have graduation on campus? I know these plans may not be solidified, but is there anything in the works?

You are correct. At this point, our plans are not precisely clear. We are exploring options for how to have a Commencement ceremony in a safe way. It is certainly helpful that we usually hold this outside! We are very much hoping that we will be able to host a gathering to honor our seniors. Precisely how and if we are able to have families is still unclear.

Standardized Testing

Can I take exams if I am learning remotely in the spring?

For SAT and ACT there is not a digital option and you will not be able to come to campus for testing. You should register for these exams somewhere near your home.

For AP exams, most subjects will have a digital testing format that can be taken at home. You will be assigned to a digital testing date that best aligns to the school calendar. Adjustments can be made for individual schedule conflicts. College Board has not made World Language and Music Theory exams available for digital testing at home.

How do I register for standardized testing?

SAT: This test is being offered to 11th grade students only. Students were sent a registration email for the April 27 on campus SAT exam from dcolombo@andover.edu. Please reach out if you would like to register. For testing at home, students will register online https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat

ACT: Students should register online at https://www.act.org/

The on-campus April 17 exam is being offered to 11th grade students only. Uppers need to use the test center code 219260. Registration for this exam ends on Friday, March 12.

AP: Students will be sent a registration email from dcolombo@andover.edu with instructions and “join Codes” for the Late AP Registration period which will run through March 5 at noon.

What should I do if I cannot take the college entrance exams on campus in April?

Students who are not 11th graders and not on campus can register for testing near their homes. ACT has testing dates in April, June and July, as well as in the fall. SAT has testing dates in March, May, June, August, as well as in the fall.

What has happened to Subject Exams?

College Board has eliminated these exams. Their importance to colleges has diminished over the years and College Board wanted to simplify college entrance testing.

What has happened to the essay portion of the SAT and ACT?

College Board will eliminate the essay portion of the SAT after the June test date. The ACT writing test is still available. The importance of the essay test has decreased over the years and we no longer recommend taking this porting of college entrance exams.

When will AP exams be given this year?

To ensure health and safety protocols are met, only exams with small student rosters will be given on campus as paper and pencil exams during the first two weeks of May. The exact list of exams will be determined after Late Registration. Exams with large numbers of registered students (e.g., Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science) will be given as digital exams later in May and at the beginning of June. These dates are set so as not to interfere with the last weeks of classes and final exams. Some individual arrangements can be made for students with exam time conflicts. Paper and pencil exams take place at local time, 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Digital exams take place at the same time worldwide, either 12 p.m. (ET) or 4 p.m. (ET).

Where will AP exams be given this year?

Paper and pencil exams (May 3 – 17) will be given on campus, most likely in Davis Hall.

Digital exams (May 18 – 21) will be taken in dorm rooms or at home for remote students. Some paper and pencil make-up exams will be in campus buildings during this timeframe.

Digital exams (June 7-11) will be taken in student homes. Remote students will take all of their exams in a digital format at home.

What if I am a remote student but want to take a World Language Exam or Music theory?

Unfortunately, College Board has not made World Language and Music Theory AP exams in a digital format. Remote students who wish to take these exams should reach out to local schools for testing.

Will digital AP exams be shorter than paper and pencil exams?

No. Digital AP Exams will be the same length as traditional paper and pencil AP Exams and include both multiple-choice and free-response questions. They will test the same knowledge and skills as paper and pencil exams, in a format-appropriate manner.

How will digital AP exams be taken?

Digital AP Exams can only be taken on laptop and desktop computers (Mac, Windows, or school-managed Chromebook). Students will need to install the digital exam application on the computer they will use throughout AP testing this year; this will not be the same digital testing platform that was used for emergency testing in spring 2020. Students will not need to install a Lockdown Browser.

What happens if I am sick or have technical trouble taking my AP exam?

Make-up exams will be available for students who are sick or experience technical problems on test day.

What happens if I am unable or do not want to take my AP exam?

Students who cannot take their AP exam will not be charged for unused exams. The $5 registration fee is not refundable.

Will I receive my testing accommodations?

If you have testing accommodations that have been approved by either College Board or ACT, you will receive them on both on campus and digital exams.