Spring Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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Living in Community on Campus

Spring 2021

Living and learning on campus this academic year will look very different and will present new challenges and opportunities. However, we will embrace this shared endeavor and lean into our non sibi motto as we all commit to keeping ourselves and others safe and healthy. Now, more than ever, we have the chance to highlight our commitment to each other and appreciate the value of community.

With a focus on safety, health, and equity, Andover will need to re-imagine this fall term in order to provide an excellent academic program and a robust student experience. We will need to develop new and creative practices for building community and forging connections.

To care for ourselves and each other, every member of our community will need to comply with specific health and safety practices including the use of face coverings, social (physical) distancing, hand washing, self-monitoring, mandatory testing, and participation in contact tracing. If students are unable to comply with these standards, they will lose the opportunity to be on campus and will be asked to switch to all-remote learning at home.

Quarantine Requirements

Students will remain in quarantine from March 24 through April 4, 2021.

What to Bring to Campus 2020-2021

We ask students to bring a minimum number of items to campus this year. Please bring essentials only. We want students to be prepared to pack and take with them all of their belongings at the end of the term or in the event that we need to unexpectedly close for health and safety reasons.

Students are not permitted to bring or ship larger items, such as furniture, to their rooms. If larger items are brought to campus, the student will need to send them home and if these items are delivered to the mailroom, they will be returned to the sender.

Student rooms are equipped with standard furniture: A bed, dresser, desk and desk chair and armoire or closet.

There are window coverings on all windows.

This year Phillips Academy is providing the following:

  • A fan
  • Small Refrigerator
  • Shower Caddy
  • Surge Protector
  • Three Cloth Face Coverings
  • A Face Covering and Sanitation Kit
  • Carabiner

We have partnered with E&R Laundry to provide laundry and linen service for all students. A laundry bag will be delivered to each student’s rooms and details about the service can be found here.

  • E&R will provide Bed Linens: 4 extra-long twin sheets (2 flat/2 fitted) and 2 pillowcases
  • E&R will provide Towels: 6 large bath towels
  • NOTE: they will not provide face cloths or hand towels. E&R will launder these at no additional cost.

What can students bring?

We challenge you to pack all of your belongings in two large duffle bags/suitcases!

Important for the 2020-2021 School Year

  • Alarm Clock—so you do not need to use your phone as an alarm and can charge it far away from your bed
  • Cleaning supplies to keep your room tidy
  • Extra face coverings and hand sanitizer
  • Warm clothing so that you can spend time outdoors once it gets chillier
  • Toiletries to place in your shower caddy (these items will be stored in your room this year)
  • Outdoor blanket, games, and activities to engage with your peers safely and at a physical distance
  • Printed photographs and tangible reminders of home, family, and friends.


  • Pillow (We will also have pillows available, if needed)
  • Comforter, quilt, or bedspread

Bath Supplies

  • Flip-flops for shower
  • Toiletries, shampoo, razor
  • Soap
  • Handheld hair dryer
  • Hand Mirror

Clothing—PLEASE LIMIT: We recommend labeling all clothing, shoes, athletic equipment, etc.

  • Jeans, T-shirts, shorts, sweaters
  • Underwear, socks, athletic socks
  • Sneakers
  • Bathing suit
  • Rain jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Hat, gloves, scarves, boots, winter jacket, one or two pairs of heavy socks
  • One or two dressy outfits
  • Pajamas, bathrobe
  • Slippers

Computer Supplies—Please consider purchasing tracking software for mobile devices so that they may be located if misplaced or lost.

  • Computer
  • Mouse/mouse pad
  • Memory stick
  • Headphones

Study Supplies—School supplies can be purchased in town at CVS

  • Assignment book
  • Backpack or schoolbag
  • Subject notebooks/organizers
  • Texas Instruments calculator (TI-84 or TI-84+ models)
  • Paper, pens, pencils
  • Ruler, compass

Odds and Ends

  • Flashlight
  • Cell phone and computer chargers
  • Water Bottle—all drinking fountain water spouts will be disabled this year; only bottle filling will be available. PLEASE label your water bottle with your name so we can return it to you if it’s lost.
  • Bug Spray with DEET

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

We will increase custodial attention to communal spaces, bathrooms, and high-touch surfaces, and will look to increase air circulation and filtration in buildings across campus. Boarding students will also play integral roles in keeping living spaces sanitary and clean.

Housing Assignments

Our 9th and 10th-grade boarding students will reside in the large dorms in Flagstaff, Pine Knoll, and upper Abbot. The size of these dormitories will allow our youngest students, many of whom have had little to no time on campus together, an opportunity to connect with more of their peers. We are grateful to our student leaders who will serve as prefects in these dormitory spaces. Our 11th and 12th-grade boarding students will reside in the large dormitories in the Quads and Abbot and will have the opportunity to “stack” the smaller dormitories around campus.

We will house students mostly in doubles (one room, two-room, and three-room doubles) and a few triples. We will have a limited number of singles. Boarding students will go through an arrival quarantine in their opening 7-10 days on campus, after arriving and registering on Tuesday, March 23. Once we get through this opening stretch, boarding students will have fewer restrictions in their dormitory spaces; they will be permitted to engage with dorm-mates in their pod without masks and physical distancing. They will also be able to order food from local establishments through contactless food delivery.


Please see our Spring Term Q/A.

Travel & Visitors

Once you arrive on campus, students MAY NOT leave campus. Students will not be permitted to walk downtown, travel home, or visit local friends/peers. Also, family and friends will not be able to visit campus. Once we all get through our initial quarantine, we hope to introduce the option of contactless food deliveries from local food establishments/restaurants to dormitories. As was the case in the fall, if we learn that students are not upholding the Non Sibi Safety Pledge, they will need to leave campus.

Dining Services

Meals will be delivered to dorms during quarantine. A dining survey requesting meal preferences, dietary restrictions, and allergies for meals delivered during quarantine was sent to all boarding students earlier this week. After quarantine, students will go to Paresky Commons for their meals. More information about Paresky access, dining hours, and seating locations will be provided soon.