Spring Term Information for Phillips Academy Families

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Community Health & Wellness

April 12, 2021 Update

PA Campus/Community Risk Level for Week of April 12, 2021: Orange

    • Campus community members in isolation = 6
    • Campus community members in quarantine = 12
    • Number of new positive test results from campus testing past 7 days = 3
    • Campus testing positivity rate past 7 days = 0.09%
    • The town of Andover’s COVID-19 risk level is yellow (26.9 cases per 100k)
    • Massachusetts COVID-19 risk level is “very high”: 30.1 cases per 100k
    • Massachusetts vaccination update:
      • 41% received 1+ dose, 23.6% fully vaccinated in Massachusetts.
      • Timeline for vaccination has been updated.
      • April 19: all individuals 16+ years will be eligible. We are working on a safe and equitable option for our students to get vaccinated. Please do not schedule a vaccine appointment before June 6 until you have spoken with a member of the Sykes Wellness team.


Arrival quarantine:

  • Off-cycle quarantine is in place for some students who arrived later than March 23.
  • Exposure quarantine is in place for some students who were identified as a close contact during the arrival quarantine period, which lasts 10 days from the date of last exposure.

COVID-19 Testing:

    • All Students: COVID-19 testing Mondays and Thursday (please have saliva sample in collection box no later than 9 a.m.).
    • Employees/Dependents: COVID-19 testing Mondays and Thursday (please have saliva sample in collection box no later than 9 a.m.).
    • Email actteam@andover.edu with any questions.

Daily Symptom Screen Reminder:

  • Please complete symptom tracker daily in Medicat. This is REQUIRED daily for anyone accessing campus, and important in identifying symptoms and potential risk factors.
  • Email sykeswellness@andover.edu with any issues accessing Medicat.

Remember: Masking, maintaining 6+ feet of distance across campus and 4+ feet of distance in classrooms, and hand washing/sanitizing are still necessary to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections.

          Student Health & Wellness

          The team at the Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center (“Sykes”) has been working since the spring to evaluate how best to provide services to students, both in-person and remotely, and to manage the evolving COVID-19 pandemic as it pertains to our campus community. As we head into the next academic year at Andover, our campus health professionals at Sykes will be working together to ensure that our community develops and implements best practices for safety and health. Medical care and psychological services will continue to be provided on campus, and new safety protocols will be implemented. In addition to in-person visits, the Sykes team will be using phone and video for some appointments for students who are on campus. For students who are learning remotely off-campus, we will continue to collaborate with families and health professionals to support our students off-campus.

          Safety Precautions and Practices

          We will abide by guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health experts to use the most effective methods to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, prior to the development of a vaccine.

          To care for ourselves and each other, every member of our community will need to comply with specific health and safety practices including the use of face coverings, social (physical) distancing, hand washing, self-monitoring, mandatory testing, and participation in contact tracing. Students who are unable to comply with these standards will lose the opportunity to be on campus and will be asked to switch to all-remote learning.


          A robust testing protocol is at the center of our monitoring and containment strategies. Every member of the staff, faculty, and student community who will spend time on campus will be required to undergo a COVID-19 screening test prior to return. All students will be required to provide evidence of a negative molecular/PCR test result obtained within 7 days prior to arriving on campus. Students will be tested at least twice in the first 2 weeks on campus. Throughout the term, on-campus testing will be administered at regular intervals. The Academy has procured an adequate supply of a rapid test to cover testing needs for students and employees in the first weeks on campus. We are conferring with outside professionals to evaluate testing alternatives as they become available.

          Monitoring and Contact Tracing

          Every member of our community who is learning or working on campus will be required to complete daily screening questions via an app, to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, as well as assess for additional risk factors. Students will not attend classes and adults will not come to work (or engage with students in person), if they are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing will be performed when any potential exposures occur.