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The Weekend

Casino night, sporting events, a dodge ball tournament, drama productions, winter carnival, choral concerts. A quick look at the typical weekend calendar makes it clear there is always something going on.

And that’s the great thing about the weekends at Andover—there’s never a dull moment. At Phillips Academy the attitude is “work hard, play hard.” The demands of the classroom are balanced by more relaxed social opportunities on the weekend. The types of events are limited only by the students’ imaginations. Take for example a recently organized dance that attracted nearly 700 students to the three-story Gelb Science Center. Each floor featured music from a different decade.

Students look forward to the relative freedom and flexibility of weekends. They have the opportunity to make their own schedule and attend as many activities as they want. Students might take in a movie screening, a poetry slam, and a walk into town; or they simply might want to relax, do some extra studying in the library, and organize a board game night with friends in their cluster’s common room.