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A Typical Day

Typical? Hardly. With more than 300 academic courses and 150 sports teams and extracurricular clubs, Andover gives students a chance to create an educational experience that is customized to their individual interests.

Students normally wake up around 7 a.m. and head for breakfast at Paresky Commons before their first class. Students generally have 4-5 classes a day with one or two study periods. On Wednesdays, students gather in the Cochran Chapel for All-School meetings, which often feature a guest speaker or musical performance. For lunch, it’s back to Paresky for some great food and a chance to socialize with friends.

Participation in some type of afternoon fitness activity is required for all Phillips Academy students. Traditional sports like soccer and basketball are popular at all levels, but there are also alternative exercise options including fencing, squash, Pilates, dance, a ropes course, and strength and conditioning programs. Many students also use their afternoons to participate in any number of community service activities, ranging from volunteering at the local boys’ or girls’ club to entertaining senior citizens in local nursing homes.

After a delicious and healthy dinner at Paresky, for most students it’s back to books. Students can study in their dorm, in the library, or in some other quiet corner of the campus. The evening hours are also a time to attend club meetings, check out a visiting speaker, or participate in a dance, music, or theatre rehearsal.

While the academic demands at PA are rigorous, if students budget their time wisely, they should have no problem completing assignments each day. By allowing students to make some choices about how they spend their time, Andover encourages personal independence and responsibility.