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Access to Technology

Ever picture yourself recording a CD of original compositions? How about editing a short film you shot with friends around campus? Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language but were bored by textbooks? At Phillips Academy, technology is at your fingertips, allowing you to do all this and more.

Aside from a campus that offers email and voicemail for all students, wireless Internet access in most public areas, and a state-of-the-art computer center in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, Andover provides students access to specialized technology centers where they can compose music, experiment with multimedia, and take virtual tours around the world.

For budding filmmakers and photographers, The Polk-Lillard Electronic Imaging Center (PLC) is the place to be. At all times of the day students can be found editing music videos with Avid software, perfecting images in Photoshop, or experimenting with computer animation and desktop publishing in one of the two multimedia classrooms.

The all-digital Language Learning Center (LLC) is a haven for linguists. Rather than relying on textbooks and handouts to teach students foreign languages, the LCC provides a media-rich environment that allows students to take virtual visits to their countries and cultures of study and collaborate with their classmates on projects and drills.

Musicians rave about The William B. Clift Record Library (CLIFT). With an extensive circulating collection of LPs and CDs, several listening areas, and computer stations equipped with recording software and MIDI keyboards, students are able to let their creativity and musical talents blossom.