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"You discover something different every day here."

Tiana - Senior Plano, TX

Tiana came to Phillips Academy as a new 10th-grader. While originally born in the United States, Tiana’s family currently lives in Iran. She began her high school career in a French boarding school but after one year, she “craved diversity” and a change of scenery. Tiana convinced her parents to let her go to school half way around the world and is thrilled with her decision.

“You discover something different every day here. I’m still meeting new people,” says Tiana. She credits her year in France for preparing her for boarding life and giving her a greater appreciation for Andover. “My old schools weren’t as challenging academically,” says Tiana. “Everything was just straight lectures and by the book—notes and memorization. But here the classes are interactive and it feels like we learn more.”

Tiana has jumped right into the extracurricular scene as well. She participates in Mock Trial, Women’s Forum, and has developed a passion for theatre. Tiana is also planning to start a current events-based club called Headlines. She hopes such a club will help encourage students to develop a broad world view.

“Just because I come from somewhere most Andover students have never been doesn’t mean I have all the answers. But we should know what’s going on in the world outside Andover and how it affects us.”