Paresky Commons Plans/Drawings

Four schematic renderings and four drawings of the future Paresky Commons, by Schwarz/Silver Architects of Boston, show how key new features will transform the historic dining hall both inside and out.

The schematic renderings (right, top group) show an exterior of the enlarged central entrance area; the sunken west terrace that also will be adjacent to the Ryley Room; a different elevation of the west terrace off the new and improved Ryley Room; and a view of the Ryley Room exterior entrance and a corner of the west terrace from the Salem Street approach.

The drawings (right, bottom group) reveal the dramatic new look—with arched openings in what was previously a solid limestone wall—that is coming to the main lobby; the large oven in the new first-floor servery; the servery’s deli section; and a new salad bar also designed for the first floor.

On page two of the gallery are three more images: the first is a drawing of the café-style seating that will be incorporated into the lower left dining hall, and the last two images are renderings of the redesigned Ryley Room, which will include a lighting system that will be able to alter the room's ambiance for different events.

Photos by Plans Drawn by: Schwartz/Silver Architects


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Paresky Commons Renovation Plans