Looking for a good summer read? Big Blue has you covered

Andover authors release new books

by Neil C Evans

June 29, 2017

—Just in time for summer, here’s a list of recent book titles from Andover authors. You’ll find even more book summaries in the summer edition of Andover magazine, coming to your mailbox soon!

Where Do They Go?

bookby Julia Alvarez ’67 (illustrated by Sabra Field)
Triangle Square Books for Young Readers (English and Spanish editions)

Alvarez’s beautifully crafted poem asks the questions that readers often have about what happens to those they love after they die: “When somebody dies, where do they go? / Who can I ask? Does anyone know? / Do they go where the wind goes when it blows? ...” Illustrated by Vermont woodcut artist, Sabra Field, this picture book offers comfort to anyone who has ever grieved for a loved one.

Incendiary: The Psychiatrist, the Mad Bomber, and the Invention of Criminal Profiling

bookby Michael Cannell ’78
Minotaur Books

While it reads like a best-selling thriller, Incendiary tells the true story of the hunt for a domestic terrorist who haunted New York City. In the 1950s, after he’d set bombs and eluded capture for nearly two decades, a police captain, a little-known psychiatrist, and a handful of journalists teamed up to apprehend the killer. The path to catching him changed law enforcement techniques forever and led to a new science called criminal profiling.

I’m Not from the South, But I Got Down Here as Fast as I Could

Bookby Tony Vanderwarker ’61
Sartoris Literary Group

This honest, laugh-out-loud memoir documents Vanderwarker’s fall from fame and fortune in the New York and Chicago ad communities and follows him to a charming reinvented life on a farm outside Charlottesville, Virginia. It is a North vs. South, Dems vs. Republicans, Manhattans vs. mint juleps, fish-out-of-water jumble of humor, wisdom, and keen observations about life. A must-read for anyone who has ever said, “There’s no way I could ever _______.”

It Happens in the Hamptons

Bookby Holly Peterson ’83
William Morrow

When Katie Doyle packs up her son and moves for the summer from Oregon to the Hamptons, she believes her greatest challenge will be navigating her hot new romance—but she quickly learns that navigating the Hamptons’ haute couture is an even more complex task. In the midst of grappling with class wars, betrayals, country club cliques, and even an unexpected mystery, Katie meets a down-to-earth marine biologist who makes her consider what it is she really wants.

A Hero of Two Worlds

Bookby Sam Allis ’64

Set in 1860s Rome during the great battle to unify Italy, Allis’s historical novel follows the life of young American sculptor Rufus Trask. In this lively expatriate community in Italy, Trask struggles to achieve a noble goal: a double life as a sculptor and republican fighter determined to end authoritarian papal rule. When he becomes a hunted man, he runs first to a remote mountain village, then Rome, and finally back to America, where he successfully fulfills his destiny.

Disciplined Growth Strategies: Insights from the Growth Trajectories of Successful and Unsuccessful Companies

Bookby Peter S. Cohan ’75

In his 12th business book, strategy teacher and venture capitalist Peter Cohan shows business leaders how to accelerate their company’s growth in disciplined ways. He focuses on five dimensions—customers, geography, products, capabilities, and culture—and shares compelling case studies of successful and unsuccessful companies, along with detailed analyses of each. In this well-organized, informative text, Cohan provides the framework leaders need to achieve faster growth and face the challenges that accompany such success.

The Link: Financial Hope for the World

Bookby Bill Hartman ’63
Amazon Digital Services (Kindle Book only)

A financial consultant in the 1980s wakes to find himself shackled to the wall of a cargo plane loaded with crates of cigars. So begins the story of John Wright, who, while happy to be alive, has to contend with the collision of global economic and political systems in order to create a new financial order in the world. Acknowledging parallels to the current world situation, one reader suggests, “This novel is a good primer for the future and how we might save the banking system.”

—Kristin Bair O’Keeffe

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