The Andover Experience

Phillips Academy is where a 16-year-old can be a champion diver, a history buff, and a molecular biology researcher. It is where “youth from every quarter” have come for 230 years to realize their potential and to discover a whole new horizon. Andover is where bright kids become sophisticated thinkers and imaginative leaders—poised to make a difference in the world.

Andover students are among the most outstanding group of young people anywhere, being taught by great teachers who embrace their subjects. Our faculty are nimble guides who adapt class formats to teach students, not a strict method.

Andover is somewhat of a complex Rube Goldberg contraption that students and teachers design, add to, and reinvent every day. Perpetual motion at its finest. We all work on it together, bringing our own experience and culture and leadership to the mix. You never know where paths will cross (one of the many extracurricular activities), who will show a flash of brilliance (start your own club), when the eureka will sound (work on original research).

At Andover, it is cool to be smart. Self-expression is celebrated. Well-reasoned arguments are things of beauty. Everyone comes to class prepared. We cheer each other on whether it’s varsity football or poetry night. The Andover experience is invigorating, formidable, and inclusive. Our graduates will tell you, that in the end, it is indelible and transforming.