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Community & Visitors

Even though Phillips Academy is an independent boarding high school, the Academy welcomes members of the surrounding community and visitors from across the country to its campus year round. From our various ice rink programs to the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy makes its facilities available for others to enjoy. During the summer, many local Andover Innstudents  join students from around the world to take advantage of the Academy's extensive Summer Session program.

Members of the public also are welcome to attend many of the events PA hosts each year. These events range from student- and faculty-produced theatrical and musical productions to presentations and performances by nationally and internationally renowned authors, poets, artists, and musicians. Residents of local communities often attend our student sporting events and, of course, the Addison Gallery of America Art draws visitors from far and wide.

If you are looking for a place to stay, or just somewhere to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, be sure to check out the charms of the elegant Andover Inn.

The renovated David S. Paresky Commons dining hall opened in the spring of 2009, featuring a café and a large hearth oven.

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