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The arts facilities provide venues for our students to channel their creative energy. Before our students make it to the Tang Theatre stage, Timken Room or the gallery in the Elson Art Center, time is spent learning in classrooms like the Benner House ceramics studio, working in our all-Mac Polk-Lillard Electrontic Imaging Center, and practicing in one of sixteen teaching studios in Graves Hall. Smaller performance and exhibit spaces like the theatre classrooms in George Washington Hall support the various clubs, projects and artistic endeavors of students while spaces like Cochran Capel and Kemper Auditorium are transformed into concert halls and screening rooms for major performances.

Phillips Academy has made a commitment to the arts, providing the tools and facilities for students to thrive and explore their passion. The buildings and facilities are here, but it's the students that make them come to life.

In 2013, Phillips Academy's math department partnered with Khan Academy, to expand the online school's AP calculus offerings.

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