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Student Life

The program sponsors trips to baseball games, amusement parks, shopping malls and Boston. A movie and dance are offered every Saturday night. The (MS)² scholars participate in activities in the recreational program organized by Summer Session. These activities include basketball, double Dutch, tennis, swimming, running, power walking, physical fitness, softball, soccer, volleyball, squash, outdoor adventure, ice skating, Tai Chi, yoga/meditation, aerobic dance exercise, ultimate frisbee, chorus, Gospel Choir, African drumming, music basics (for the practicing musician) and dance. The academy playing fields, tennis courts and gymnasiums provide excellent facilities for both scheduled and informal sports. Four afternoons each week students are required to take part in one of the following afternoon activities.

Aerobic Dance  African Drumming 
Basketball Chorus 
Dance Double Dutch 
Gospel Choir  Ice Skating 
Music Basics for the Practicing Musician Outdoor Adventure 
Physical Fitness  Power Walking 
Running  Soccer 
Softball  Squash 
Swimming Tai Chi
Tennis Ultimate Frisbee
Volleyball Yoga/Meditation

This organized recreational activity program emphasizes safety and provides students with the opportunity to learn a new sport or practice an old favorite while developing relationships with a group of peers. With numerous playing fields and tennis courts, a gymnasium and a fully-equipped fitness center, students have ample opportunity to be active in both academy- and student-organized sports. Students may choose instead to join the chorus or gospel choir; each rehearses in the afternoons. The Afternoon Activities program meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons (60-90 minute sessions).


Aerobic Dance

Aerobics is a serious yet entertaining way to improve cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength, exercise and flexibility. Classes are taught to music and include both low and high impact aerobics. Aerobic shoes, while not required, provide support and cushion the feet.

African Drumming

This afternoon activity focuses upon the rhythmic dimension of music, introduces the role of music in African culture and teaches improvisational and ensemble skills. The school owns 20 African drums, which allow for as many as 20 students to be enrolled at any time. If skill and interest permit, public performance will be arranged.


Boys and girls work on the skills of the game and are organized into teams to compete on an intramural basis. Court shoes are required.


Open to all students regardless of musical background, the chorus will perform works from a variety of musical traditions including spirituals, international folk songs, madrigals and Gregorian chant. Opportunities for solos and small ensembles are available.


No experience is necessary. In dance, the emphasis is on communication through movement and improvisation. Some modern, ballet and jazz techniques are taught.

Double Dutch

Jump rope to music for the excercise, challenge and sheer fun of it.

Gospel Choir

Open to all students regardless of musical background, Gospel Choir will perform traditional and contemporary gospel pieces. Opportunities for solos and small ensembles are available.

Music Basics for the Practicing Musician

This activity, available for the serious musician, addresses practice techniques and performance strategies using elements of yoga, aerobics, Alexander technique and mental focus. Attention is paid to alleviating performance anxiety (stage fright) and practicing performance etiquette. A 10-minute focus time and a 20-minute stretch precede a one-hour individual practice session where the student is obliged to work on music provided by his or her music instructor from home. To take part in this activity, you MUST bring your own instrument (if other than harp, keyboard or percussion) and a beach towel (used for stretches) and dress for the activity as you would a sport (loose fitting clothes). Space in this activity is limited to 16 students on a first come, first served basis. If skill and interest permit, public performance will be arranged.

Outdoor Adventure

This outdoor, adventure-based program uses proven techniques to challenge students mentally, emotionally and physically. Faced with many unfamiliar situations and problems, the students build self-confidence and learn new outdoor skills that are the foundation of adventure education. A group of 10 students led by one qualified instructor may be given the formidable task of scaling a 14-foot wall; or, by using trust, teamwork and the proper equipment, a group will safely traverse a tightrope (cable) 25 feet in the air. Both low and high elements, group problem solving activities and initiatives, proper use of climbing and safety equipment, and games make this unique program different every day. (Limited to 48 students.)

Physical Fitness

This program is designed to improve muscle tone, strength, endurance and flexibility. It can be either a pre-season conditioner for athletes or a fitness program for others. Using our state-of-the-art fitness center, activities include weight training with free weights or variable-resistance machines and cardio-vascular fitness using machines such as stairclimbers, stationary bicycles and control gravity machines. Everyone is welcome, but participants should prepare for a rigorous, demanding activity.

Power Walking

A low-level aerobic activity that is open to everyone, this is an opportunity to improve general fitness while participating in an Olympic sport.


This is an afternoon activity for any kind of runner, even joggers, and for the beginner as well as the most experienced. Each participant runs with her/his chosen group: slow, medium or fast, but all students are expected to stretch and run, using this experience as a chance to improve their endurance. Students must wear proper running shoes.


Players are organized into teams and receive some instruction in the rudiments of the game. There are numerous skill levels, and everyone finds a proper niche. Both boys and girls must bring molded cleats. Shin guards are required and may be borrowed from the athletic stockroom.


Open to everyone and played both for the fun of it and for competition. Instruction is available for those who need it. Players should bring their own gloves.


This sport is offered as a free-play activity, but instruction is given to those who want it. The school furnishes the balls, and the players supply their own racquets and protective eyewear. Players must also have shoes with non-marking, light-colored soles.
(Running shoes not acceptable.)


This takes place in Phillips Academy's indoor, six-lane pool. Participants are required to have nylon or other synthetic fabric bathing suits. Those with long hair must wear caps or a tight braid. The group is divided into beginners, advanced beginners and competitive swimmers.

Tai Chi

Learn a soft martial art and moving meditation that can become a lifetime activity.


The tennis program consists of recreational play at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Players must provide their own racquets and tennis balls. This activity is not instructional.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport resembling soccer, played with a disc. It is an exciting and invigorating game. Basic skills are reinforced daily.


Open to all levels and played both for the fun of it and for competition. Instruction is available for those who need it.


Relax and reflect with the ideal workout for body and mind.