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Summer Opportunities

Summer opportunities are available both in the U.S and abroad. The types of opportunities available includes:

  • Academic programs, mostly on college campuses
  • Service and cross cultural programs around the world
  • Adventure/wilderness programs around the world
  • Internships and research around the world
  • Jobs, mostly local
  • Language programs around the world
  • Performing and visual arts programs

Participation in a  summer program is an important way for busy Phillips students to enrich their lives and strengthen their resumes. Programs that students participate in during their lower (10th grade) and upper (11th grade) summers often impact the  courses they choose to take at Andover and even the colleges to which they choose to apply.

Annual Summer Opportunities Fair

Every year the Summer Opportunities Office sponsors a Summer Opportunities Fair that is held in late January/early February. This is a great time to connect with the representatives of more than 80 summer programs and pick up information. The Summer Opportunities Fair is open to our Phillips community and to the public. To learn more, download the 2015 Summer Opportunities Fair Directory.