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Pot Pourri

Contact Information

How To Join

Feel free to shoot any of us an email if you’re interested in one of our sections! We’re always looking for writers, photographers and help with layout!

When/Where We Meet

We have club meetings on Wednesdays, but we’re really, really flexible! Writers and photographers receive one assignment a week, and they decide when they want to complete it.

Club Description

Pot Pourri creates the official school yearbook that comes out in June, as well as a Spring Supplement that is mailed over the summer. There are plenty of different jobs that go into making the yearbook.

Staff writers collect quotes on important events, write introductions to different sections, and interview students about a variety of topics, from what it’s like to be a member of the Yorkies to dorm life in a stack.

Photographers take club and sports photos, cover events, and also are responsible for the thousands of candid photos in the yearbook. If you don’t have a great camera, Pot Pourri has some for its photographers.

Layout puts everything together and creates an overall look and theme for the book using Adobe InDesign. If you have experience working with layout, or you’d like to learn, definitely email one of our layout editors!