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Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities plans events and activities for the student body on weekends. Led by the student activities director, Chris Capano, the office works closely with students to provide a wide range of choices to all those interested in participating in extracurricular events. With the help of a student-run Student Activities Board, the office aims to create a strong sense of community by encouraging all students to interact and have fun outside of the classroom.

Each year the board comes up with new ideas, which are held in conjunction with traditional events, like the Blue and Silver Dance, Casino Night, and Abbot Cabaret. The office sponsors a wide array of social, cultural, and educational events, as well. The Weekender, which advertises the weekend’s events, is posted around campus and on PAnet every Wednesday, so students will know what is available. With more than 80 active clubs and organizations, there is something for everyone. Students lead the clubs, but faculty members serve as advisors. Information on creating a new club, listings of the current clubs, and meeting times and locations are available on PAnet. Also on PAnet, under Student Activities, you will find the yearly calendar of events, what’s happening off campus, and the list of SAB members.

PA’s annual May College Fair draws more than 140 colleges and universities to campus.

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