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Day Student Life

While Phillips Academy is a boarding school, we encourage day students to become fully involved members of the community by participating actively in campus life. In addition to classes, day students who play on teams, join clubs, perform as members of the school's choral groups or orchestras, perform in plays or get involved in student government will make friends across the academy and soon find themselves barely distinguishable from boarding students. We especially encourage day students to be on campus on the weekends, to attend dances and participate in events planned by the student activities office and their cluster. By participating in these fun, adult-supervised events, day and boarding students are able to unwind from a hard week of studies and to build lasting friendships by socializing together as a community.

baseball game in quadDay students are assigned a cluster for the entirety of their PA career and their adult point person is their Day Student Advisor. There are approximately 292 day students in our student population.

Reflections on Day Student Life:

“Being a day student at Andover is truly the best of both worlds. You get to make so many amazing friends all over the world, take the most incredible courses from the best teachers in the nation, experience the "independent" life, choosing to join over 100 clubs while getting to stay at home and stay in touch with your old friends as well as your family. When I have a really busy day and none of my life seems to be working out, when there's a lot of work, it's the BEST thing to be able to see my parents when I come home, knowing that they'll always be there for me at the end of the day. Plus, you get to sleep in your own bed and keep your room! You start to appreciate the time that you have away from the family as well as the time that you have with your family. When you want to hang out with friends, meet the awesome people that you share a school with, you can travel to campus and do work. However, if you just want to stay in your room for the day and spend the weekend in your quiet room to do work, you can stay at home with your family. Being a day student, you get all the advantages of boarding school while keeping the most important parts of your old life. I know that becoming a day student at Andover is one of the best decisions that I've made in my life!”

"As a day student at Andover, you will have to find a balance between life at home and life at PA. Many day students will stay on campus until 8:00 p.m. or later on school nights for club meetings or work in the library. Day students have the advantage of being able to go home whenever they like. It is nice to be able to go home to relax after a busy day but also to be able to stay on campus to socialize or do homework at night." -Jenny, ninth grader from Andover, MA

 A Typical Day for Jenny
 8 am
 Arrive on Campus
 8-8:45 am
 Breakfast in Paresky Commons, Study in Library, etc.
 8:55-9:40 am
Latin Class
9:45-10:15 am
 Conference Period, Study in Library, Meet with Teachers
 10:20-11:05 am  Chemistry Class
 11:15-12 pm
 Lunch in Paresky
 12:10-12:55 pm
 History Class
 1:05-1:50 pm
 English Class
 2:00-2:45 pm
 Math Class
 3:00-6:00 pm
 Crew Practice
 6:00-6:20 pm
 Dinner in Paresky
 6:20-7:50 pm
 Orchestra Rehearsal
 8:00-9:45 pm
 Study in Library
 10 pm
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