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Boarding & Day Student Advisors

Advisors at Andover strive to make a personal connection with each student and guide them through the many personal and academic choices during the school year. Advisors learn the student’s goals, aspirations, and needs, fostering a close relationship and allowing them to mentor each advisee in a one on one basis. The key to a successful education at Andover is a healthy balance of academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, social, and personal activities, all of which advisors have can help with choosing.

Advisors of day students serve as the primary faculty contact for these students and their parents/guardians. Advisors of boarding students work with the house counselor, sharing information about students and their programs, so that the house counselor, the primary faculty contact for boarding students and their parents/guardians, can communicate fully with these parties.

Because our ninth grade boarding students are new to Andover, they are advised by their house counselor or complement who can provide more hands on guidance in their transition. Current parents can log onto PA Net to find their student's advisor.