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All School Meetings

Required school assemblies were a part of Andover life at least as far back as the tenure of Headmaster Fuess (1933-1948). The auditorium in George Washington Hall (now the Tang Theatre) was designed and built to accommodate all school assemblies. With the tremendous increase in the size of the school as a result of the merger with Abbot Academy in 1973, all school meetings fell by the wayside. There were periodic school meetings during Headmaster Donald McNemar’s time (1981-1994), and in 1992 there was a vote to establish a weekly all school meeting for the 1992/93 school year.

In 1999 balcony seating was added to the Cochran Chapel, enabling it to hold every student and most faculty members. Since then, all school meeting has provided a unique opportunity for the entire school community to gather as one family to welcome in each new year’s class of seniors, receive lectures and presentations from a wide range of guests including Desmond Tutu, Jared Diamond and Tibetan Monks, celebrate achievements of students, enjoy faculty entertainment and hear from our head of school and student school president on important matters that affect the Academy. Periodically, all school meeting periods are used for all class meetings during which each class gathers separately to focus on age or grade specific topics.