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Religious Calendar (2015-2016)

Fall Term 2015

 September 1
Faculty Convocation
 September 6
Reception for all Faith Groups
 September 6
Roman Catholic Mass (as part of Orientation Schedule)
 September 6
Matriculation Ceremony (New Students Only)
 September 14-15
Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)
Begins sundown Sept 13
This marks the beginning of the Jewish year and the beginning
of the High Holy Days
 September 21-26*
Hajj Celebration (Muslim)
Time designated for the obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca.
*Based on lunar cycle
 September 23
Yom Kippur (Jewish)
Begins sundown September 22
The “Day of Atonement”, marked by prayer, fasting, and
 September 23-26*
Eid al Adha Celebration (Muslim)
Begins sundown of September 22
*In North America, Eid on September 24, beginning at sundown on September 23 “Festival of Sacrifice”, recalling Abraham’s devotion in offering his son as a sacrifice.

 September 28-October 4
Sukkot (Jewish)
Begins sundown September 27
The feast of the Tabernacles, commemorating the dwelling of Israelites in the wilderness
 October 6
Simchat Torah (Jewish)
Begins sundown Oct 5
The “Rejoicing of the Torah” is the end of the Torah reading
 October 23-25
Family Weekend
 October 31
Reformation Day (Christian)
Protestant anniversary of their tradition and its emphasis
on the place of the Bible and religious freedom.
 November 1
All Saints Day (Christian)
Recognizes all those who have achieved beatification
 November 2
All Souls Day (Christian)
The day commemorating the faithful departed.
 November 11
Veteran's Day
 November 11
Diwali Celebration (Hindu)
The “Festival of Lights” celebrates different sacred stories in the Hindu tradition.
 November 20 - December 2
Fall Vacation
 November 26
 November 29
Advent (Christian)
The season of preparation for the birth of Jesus.

Winter Term 2015-16

 December 8
Bodhi Day (Buddhist)
Marks the Buddha's attainment of Enlightenment
 December 11
Messiah Sing
 December 13
Lessons and Carols Service
 December 7 - 14
Hanukkah (Jewish)
Begins sundown Dec 6
The “Festival of Lights”, commemorating the victory of the
Maccabees and the rededication of the Temple
 December 16 - January 3
Winter Vacation
 December 21
Winter Solstice (Pagan/Wiccan)
The shortest day of the year.
 December 25
Christmas (Christian)
The celebration of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.
 December 26-Jan 1

An African-American celebration honoring African values and belief

 January 4
Winter Classes Resume
 January 18
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
 January 25-29
No Faith Group Meetings
Wellness Week
 January 28-30
Trustee Meeting
 January 29-31
Jewish Cultural Weekend
 February 8
Chinese New Year
 February 9
Shrove Tuesday (Christian)
 February 10
Ash Wednesday (Christian)
Marks the first day of Lent
 February 15 Nirvana Day (Buddhist)
Celebrates the death of the Gautama when he reached total Nirvana
 February 23
No Faith Group Meetings
 February 26
Classes End
 March 2-21
 March 8
Mahashivratri (Hindu)
A celebration for the devotees of Shiva.
 March 13
L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday
Scientology founder
 March 20
Palm Sunday (Christian)
The beginning of “Holy Week.”
 March 23
Holi (Hindu)
A festival that includes throwing colored water or powder
in celebration of episodes in the life of Krishna.
 March 24
Purim (Jewish)
 March 24
Maundy Thursday (Christian)
Marks the "Last Supper" of Jesus and his disciples.
 March 25
Good Friday (Christian)
Recalls the crucifixion of Jesus.
 March 27
Easter (Christian)
Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

Spring Term 2016

 April 8
New Year Celebration (Hindu)
 April 15
Ramanavami (Hindu)
Nine-day festival in honor of Ram
 April 22-23
Non Sibi Weekend
Friday and Saturday Projects
 April 23 - 30
Passover (Jewish)
Begins sundown April 22
Commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage.
 May 5
National Day of Prayer
 May 5-7
Trustee Meeting
 May 8
Mother's Day, Roman Catholic Confirmation
 May 14
Grandparents' Day
 May 15 Visakha Puja (Buddhist)
Holiest of days in the Buddhist year, celebrates the birth of the Buddha.
 May 15
Pentecost (Christian)
Marks the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples of Jesus.
Considered the founding of the Christian Church.
 May 24
No Faith Group Meetings
 May 27
Classes End
 May 30
Memorial Day
 June 2 Senior Prom
 June 3 Senior/Faculty Convocation
 June 4 Baccalaureate Service
 June 5 Commencement
 June 6-July 5
Ramadan (Muslim)
Ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar.
A time of fasting, self-sacrifice and purification
 June 10-12 Reunion Weekend
 June 12-13 Shavuot (Jewish)
Begins sundown June 11
The “Feast of Weeks”, celebrates the giving of the Torah at
Mount Sinai
 June 21 Summer Solstice (Pagan/Wiccan)
Longest day of the year.